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The Longest US Government Shutdown Is Impacting American Citizens

Current US Government Shutdown became longest in the history of the country after it entered its 22nd day on Saturday, July 12. American government closure that has left 800,000 federal government employees unpaid is impacting millions of its citizens in several ways.

Government closure is making people suffer and Trump face harsh criticism on social media.

About the US Government Shutdown

Current US Government shut down is due to President Trump’s clash with Democrats in House of Representatives on the issue of boundary wall on Mexican border. Democrats have rejected Trump’s request to approve $5.7 billion for the wall.

Consequently, Donald Trump has refused to approve the budget unless it has funds for the wall, resulting in the US Government shut down, which has reportedly left 800,000 federal workers unemployed.

Many workers, updated their blank paychecks on social media.

Here is a girl sharing her brother’s story of receiving only one cent as salary in Trump’s America.

Employees from law enforcement, airport security, and various other departments are still compelled to be at work even if they are not being paid.

Government workers who should have been cashing their cheques are now compelled to make their way towards food banks which are helping them. According to media reports a Washington DC food bank has arranged five pop-up markets and hired volunteers to help the affected.

Affected federal government workers are also reportedly selling their stuff on online advertising websites to raise funds.

Impact on Millions of Other Citizens

American government closure has reportedly affected only one-quarter of federal operations. But, it has indirectly impacted millions of citizens apart from those employees who didn’t receive their salaries.

Like, these beer makers who are stuck as no one is there to approve their labels due to government shut down.

Overall, the US Government shut down is hurting the different fields, including health sectors, farming, parks, recreational spots, and aviation. The event has also an environmental impact as there is not enough staff to monitor cleanliness in public places and police the lawbreakers.

Trump Administration May Declare Emergency

According to media reports, President Trump has speculated declaration of emergency in order to bypass Congress and get the funds for the wall on the Mexican border. But experts are of opinion that declaring a national emergency wouldn’t be such an easy thing to do as Trump says, because it would be met by legal action by Congress.

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