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What Are US Plans to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan?

President Joe Biden announced the US plans about withdrawing the remaining troops from Afghanistan. According to reports, they will leave the country on September 11, to mark the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan following the devastating 2001 attacks that changed the world forever.

Previously, the deadline for removing the troops was 1st May as ex-POTUS Donald Trump negotiated with the Taliban after making a peace deal facilitated by Pakistan. However, the Biden administration is of opinion that completely removing the remaining 2500 troops at once was probably not safe.

Biden stressed that there will no further conditions related to the pullout as the condition-based approach with Taliban that went on for the last 20 years. Doing the same thing again would mean staying in Afghanistan forever.

US Plans to Withdraw Troops Raise Concern for the Country

The intelligence community and other experts have reignited the deep public fears about the position of the Afghan government backed by the US, which has always struggled against Taliban aggression. If the US army leaves, it is widely feared that the government would fail to defend against the Taliban, which is an extremely unpredictable group.

According to US congress reports, the Afghan government is still facing failure after failure on the battlefield against the Taliban, who are confident in achieving victory against the world’s most dangerous military.

The extremist group was depowered in 2001 by Afghan-US coalition forces for displaying violent tendencies. It has responded that it will not take part in any political talks and decisions about Afghanistan until all foreign forces leave. Spokesperson Dr. M. Naeem shared the message on Twitter:

It may also mean the Taliban may not attend the planned 10-day summit on 24th April. Turkey was supposed to host a peace summit to further efforts to end the decades-old war and plan a diplomatic solution. According to reports, the Taliban, the Afghan government, United Nations, and Qatar were likely to be at the summit. Moreover, Taliban has warned about possible ‘consequences’ if external forces do not leave.

There are several reasons for things to go haywire after the execution of US plans to remove its troops from Afghanistan. One is the extremely fragile political condition of Afghanistan where President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, are not on the same page. Their rivalry was open on mainstream media when both took presidential oaths after the elections last year.

What is the Result of America’s Longest War?

Bidens administration’s decision received a lot of criticism from Republicans who called him a coward leader, who failed to vanquish the worst enemy of America. Some said it was a reckless and dangerous decision that may allow the Taliban to gain battlefield advantage. Critics opined that Afghanistan could become a breeding ground for terrorists and witness a massive civil war.

The 2-decade war killed more than 2,200 U.S. troops, wounded more than 20,000, and cost at least 1 trillion USD. It crippled the terrorists, Al-Qaida, and managed to find and kill Osama bin Laden, who was the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks.

However, the US plans to withdraw troops pose great risks towards the progress made in terms of democracy, governance, and women’s rights. It can lead the Taliban to keep providing safe haven to terrorists and maintain their stronghold in major parts of the country.

Are Taliban Upholding Peace Deal?

According to US military officials, the Taliban have paused the attacks on coalition soldiers but increased the attack on Afghan citizens. They failed to meet the conditions of a peace deal by continuing violence and failing to cut ties with terrorist groups completely. There are concerns that they would get an easy way to terrorize Afghanis after US soldiers leave the country.

The US plans about withdrawing troops changed after such reports which led to the extension of the deadline. Biden administration decided to wait for things to get safe and orderly before leaving.

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