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Is the Instagram Like Counts Option Going to Be Effective for Users?

The globally utilized social media application, Instagram is currently working on a new option for the users. The new Instagram like counts feature is currently under testing. It will allow the users to choose whether they want to see the number of likes on other people’s posts or not. The app is taking this step towards updating the like-counts preferences in order to keep the Insta crawlers satisfied by giving them the experience they desire. Also, the efforts of the tech giant raise the question that how this new feature will be effective for the active users of the platform.

How Instagram Like Counts Option Will Work? 

The Instagram like counts option will allow the users to hide the number of likes on other people’s posts. The option will also let them hide their like counts as others won’t be able to see. The users will simply choose whether they want to see the pictures and videos or is it necessary for them to keep track of the likes and comments on the posts. 

Instagram is a platform where millions of people share their pictures and videos. Most of them do it just to gain followers who can hit the heart button when they like anything. This means that the whole setup depends on likes and comments. Thus, the option to choose between an on and off switch might give a better scrolling experience to the users. 

Is Hiding the Like Counts Necessary?

Many people who use Instagram face anxiety and pressure while posting anything on the app.  According to the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri tweeted earlier that the new Instagram like counts feature is a step towards overcoming and avoiding the social comparison and anxiety among people while adding pictures and videos on the platform. 

Previously in 2019, Instagram accidentally hid the likes from posts, which didn’t make any users happy. Influencers and Instagram models who used to gain traffic with the help of the number of their likes and followers became disappointed since they feared losing their followers’ rate. Many even posted that they should have the right to choose if they wish to turn off the like counts or not. Maybe this is the reason Instagram took an approach towards making certain changes.  

When is the Feature Going Live?   

The new option for choosing to hide the Facebook and Instagram like counts, is still under testing. The application or its members have not confirmed the addition of the latest feature. Besides that, one thing is sure that Instagram has something up its sleeves that’s going to amaze the users in the future. 

Today, people extremely rely on social media for their day-to-day activities. This is one of the reasons that any particular change affects the users deeply since they are not used to any sudden variations in the application. Although, whenever something unusual happens with the platforms, the users find a way to cope with it somehow. For instance, memes on WhatsApp and Instagram crash revealed how creative people become when it comes to handling crucial situations. 

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