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Which New Samsung Device is Coming on April 28?

Samsung, one of the most popular and consumed smartphone brands of the world recently released a teaser of an upcoming Samsung device. The video didn’t reveal the name, appearance, or any information that could tell what the device actually is. Although, it did disclose the release date which is April 28, 2021. Besides, the teaser raised wonderments among the brand admirers regarding the newest creation. 

What Do We Know About the New Samsung Device?

It is believed that the company has always been innovative in producing advanced and impressive smartphones. Most of the phones by Samsung have been valued around the globe due to the specifications and various impressive features. Also, the brand is known for its devices’ appearances as well-shaped phones attract the users. Now, a new Samsung device is on its way to amaze the company lovers. However, the public is clueless about what tech giant is going to surprise them with. All people know is that this will be Samsung’s most powerful device, as per the company. 

According to the video, whatever the device is, it’s strong enough to control everything in the surroundings. Of course, the video was conveying a literal meaning through a figurative one.    

Why is Samsung Creating So Much Suspense? 

Every Samsung lover has an idea of how the company works when it comes to new arrivals. Whether the new models are Samsung A series Phones or Galaxy S series, their advertisements reveal the full specifications of every forthcoming new Samsung device.  However, this time, the video’s duration is long but the information is minimum. As per social media users, one reason behind all the suspense is that the brand is launching something it hasn’t launched before. 

Is Samsung Going To Launch Galaxy Books?

Samsung is famous for its smartphones as some of them are considered to be futuristic; for instance, Samsung’s foldable smartphones. Also, the Users of the company’s products know that its laptops and phones have always been technologically upgraded according to the era. Considering the company’s enthusiasm towards producing tech-marvels, the users might be able to enjoy the Samsung galaxy book and book pro, the new innovative laptops. 

Evan Blass, an American blogger, and editor shared pictures of three laptops claiming that the new Samsung device is nothing else but a whole new generation of galaxy laptops. 

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