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Everything about Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone to be Launched Soon

Samsung’s foldable smartphone is likely to launch on September 6, making the phone giant first-ever company to do so. South Korean company’s step to bring its foldable phone in the market might seem too hasty particularly when competition between the manufacturers and trade wars between the countries are affecting the market.

Rumors of Samsung’s foldable phone’s debut were making rounds of tech websites from the end of 2018. The company had even offered its product to reviewers but didn’t receive a positive response as the hardware of phone was found prone to breakage.

The Price of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has priced its first-ever foldable smartphone at $2000 which seems too expensive. With such a high price the company is indeed going to play a gamble for its reputation, particularly when the product might be feared to be a failure when in the hands of the end consumer. Initially, the phone will be only launched in South Korea and selective countries like Singapore and UK and USA, reportedly.

Why Samsung Is in Such A Hurry

It seems that innovation is the only thing that tech companies can use to make a mark on users. Samsung is indeed facing a tough time since Chinese manufacturers like Huawei toppled it as the second biggest phone maker in the world. The company now badly needed to bring something that could reinstate its position in the industry at the global level.

It is also to be noted that Samsung might be the first company to bring the foldable smartphone but it is not the only one. Manufacturers like Huawei and even Lenovo have announced to launch foldable tech products in the past. But Samsung’s foldable smartphone launch which is expected on September 6 has indeed made the South Korean giant the first among its peers to bring this innovation in the market.

Well launching a product is one thing and then keeping up with quality to ensure the consumer satisfaction for the price they have paid is another and most important thing. Given the fact, that earlier reviews of the products in April didn’t go well, the users are likely to be cautious in buying Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

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