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Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Gets Sanctioned By The US

The United States has imposed sanctions on the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif after Iran refused to renegotiate the nuclear deal. The US has already refused to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Iran. Since then the tensions between both the countries have increased posing a threat to the stability of world peace in general and the Middle East in particular.

“I Welcome  Sanctions,” Says The Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

Earlier it was the recent arrest of 17 CIA agents and now the sanctioning of one of the most influential persons in Iran will further increase tensions between the countries.  While responding to the sanctions imposed on him, the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said “the US is afraid of me, and I am grateful for what they have done. The sanction will have no effects on me as I don’t have any property in the US or elsewhere. “

The president while responding to the sanctions placed on Zarif questioned whether there was still an ounce of sanity left in the white house officials and asked them what they were  seeking  to gain by acting in such a childish manner.” Iran will not bow down to their will” he said.

He further reportedly states that the US was so desperate that it had forgotten how to use its wits. Such acts would only strengthen Iran.

This is the first time in Iran’s history that an Iranian foreign minister has been sanctioned.

  Experts Opinion On The Matter

According to international relations experts, this is one of the worst decision the US could have made as this will further increase tension and may even close all doors for diplomatic talks.  As a result of these sanctions, the Zarif will face difficulty in getting a visa to the US and other countries. This will further ruin any chances of diplomatic solution further increasing the threat of initiating a war. Both countries must avoid this at all costs.

A Cloudy Stance

To further confuse the situation, the US has given a 90-day waiver for all foreign firms working in Iran’s nuclear facilities meaning that no penalties will be awarded to them for the next 90 days. The US State Department the while commenting on the matter states that the waiver helps the US keep oversight on Iran’s nuclear plant/   

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