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How This Man Can Buy A Helicopter To Sell Milk In India?

A piece of strange news is going viral from a couple of days that an Indian farmer has bought a helicopter to sell milk. Well, it is not exactly true because the guy is not really a farmer. It appeared that Janardhan Bhoir from Maharashtra is the owner of multiple businesses. He reportedly paid 30 Crore INR for the aircraft to assist in his dairy business. He was allowed to take it for a trail run, which he spent with his family:

The reports have revealed him to be a real estate Mogul who has total 100 Crore net-worth as of now. His dairy business is fairly new for which he has arranged this unique transport system. 

It Is Easy For A Helicopter To Sell Milk Across India

Bhoir explained to the media that he was a busy man and this new business required traveling to different provinces in the country. He decided to make his business trips convenient by acting upon a friend’s suggestion. He mentioned that he often traveled to places where there was no airport facility for which he got a helicopter to sell milk efficiently in those areas.

On Sunday (14th Feb), while trying the chopper on trial, he gave free rides to the panchayat (rural council) members of the village. The helicopter will permanently be delivered to him on 15th March, as per the reports by Indian media.

Meanwhile, he is also planning to build a protective helipad on his 2.5 acres of land along with a garage, a pilot room, and a technician room.

Other Activities than Farming Business

Bhoir is also a real-estate businessman involved in building, sale, and purchase of the land. Moreover, his village Bhiwandi is known for having warehouses of major companies, who pay handsome amount of rent to the owners. Popular Swedish car manufacturer Volvo also has a parts warehouse in Bhiwandi.

Bhoir is reportedly among those warehouse owners who receive hefty rent from large corporations. Even though the area is a rural district but residents over there are surprisingly wealthy, who like to spend on deluxe lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why luxurious cars are so common in this village area. However, it was the first time someone bought helicopter to sell milk.

Confusing Headlines Are Not Welcomed

A number of media outlets misrepresented the story by implying that this person was a farmer. With the ongoing trouble between the government and protesting farmers, this dangerous game by media can cause horrific escalations.

Some critics also argued that if he really was a farmer then he should have done something to support farmers instead of buying a helicopter to sell milk. However, the news does serve as a good distraction from Indian farmers’ protests against new agricultural laws. This can make people suspect if farmers are rich enough to support buy a helicopter, which doesn’t seem the case.

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