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Volkswagen is Bidding Farewell To Beetle, Yet The Big Boss Returns!

This might not make sense to few people, but still, it is a significant topic for public right now! All the vintage car fans have to wave goodbye to the most remarkable model by Volkswagen, Beetle. On the other hand, the world’s lamest show BigBoss is returning with another season. This season is going to be more pathetic than previous ones!

The Magnificient Volkswagen Beetle

Everyone knows that Volkswagen’s Beetle was the highly recommended car in the period of 1960-1970 and then this car was upgraded in 1997. Beetle got the importance and life under the reign of Hitler and ruled the world of vintage cars over 80 years. But Volkswagen has decided to concentrate on other models, and that is the reason why the iconic Beetle will no longer be produced by the company.

Most Popular Model

Beetle was the highly demanded model in its peak days, where a million cars were sold in a single day by Volkswagen. The last vehicle will be created in Mexico at the only factory of Volkswagen, which creates Beetle. Even the creators are not satisfied by this decision, but they are looking at it as a need of an hour.

Chief executive of Volkswagen Group of America, Hinrich Woebcken, also expressed his views:

“The loss of the Beetle after three generations, over nearly seven decades, will evoke a host of emotions from the Beetle’s many devoted fans.”


Talking about the fans of iconic Beetle, Twitter is overflooded by the tweets of people who are discussing this trend. Some of them are expressing sarcasm for Hitler also!

Why We Have To Bear The Big Boss Torture Again!

Colors reality show Big Boss is all set for having another season. This season will be the 12th season of the series which will be again hosted by Salman Khan. This torturous reality show started more than a decade ago. And still, the creators have a desire to prolong it like an Indian daily soup.

Why doesn’t the channel take the initiative like Volkswagen and discontinue production of this show? Why can’t they leave the thing behind which is not entertaining slightly irritating for the fans?

Anyhow, this decision is entirely dependant on the producers of the show.

Moreover, the Volkswagen Beetle was a discontinued model since 2003, though it is going to be the tremendous antique vintage car for those who like to collect such pieces. Here, we are waving goodbye to Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle and Hello…. Big Boss 12!

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