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Delhi Parents’ watching of Kids via CCTV in Schools Sparks Debate

In the digital world, security and surveillance, both these words are in conflict with each other. One such case has recently emerged in India’s capital Delhi. According to media reports, Delhi government would allow parents to watch their kids via CCTV in schools.

Such a facility will be available in government schools only, where parents will use a smartphone app to monitor their kids in classes. The government move has also sparked debate as people are saying that such an attempt would violate the privacy.

Installation of CCTV in Schools for Monitoring of Kids

According to a Twitter statement by Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, parents would have real-time access to their child studying in class via CCTV. While elaborating on the purpose, Kejriwal stated, that such a measure would make system transparent and accountable while ensuring the safety of kids. He also informed about checking the installation of CCTV in schools.

Social media users are coming up with some hilarious reactions. They are pondering over the issue of kids’ liberty to read Harry Potter or other favorite books rather than course books.

Public figures are also comparing the CCTV installed classrooms with the camera powered big boss house.

Purpose of CCTV Monitoring

 The apparent reason for using CCTV cameras for monitoring is to secure the children’s safety. Recently, Delhi schools have witnessed two gruesome incidents of child victimization.

In September, a body of the young boy was recovered from washroom of Ryan International School Gurgaon. The victim had received throat cuts. A few days later, reports emerged about the rape of five years old girl in a school in Delhi.

Should Parents Monitor their Kids in Schools?

The need for the safety of kids has increased than ever. The recent cases of child abuse in Kasur, Pakistan also stress upon the need for an advanced security system. CCTV cameras on roads have also helped law enforcement agencies to find clues for the culprit of Zainab, the victim of child abuse.

But the question is, should parents be allowed to supervise their kids in their classrooms. According to media reports, many people have criticized the Delhi government’s attempt to install CCTV in schools. They think that such a move would encourage child surveillance, while tempting parents to moral policing of their kids.

People are also pointing out to the danger of more problems if kids viewed CCTV as a threat to their privacy.

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