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Is WhatsApp Ready to Launch Multidevice Support Without Phone’s Connectivity?

WhatsApp has finally acknowledged the requests of its billion of users and decided to test a new feature. The Facebook-owned messaging application is set up with the trial of its multidevice support update. The trial will allow the users to use WhatsApp on other devices including PC without connecting the phones with them. WhatsApp recently announced its plans for the trial along with the benefits and limitations of the latest update. 

How Will WhatsApp Multidevice Support Work?

There had been rumors about the new WhatsApp multidevice support feature. Finally, the tech giant spilled the beans about its upcoming updates. WhatsApp beta info is also shared on social media about the feature and it is an impressive approach by the company. 

According to reports, the new feature will be allowing users to use the app on more than just one device. To be exact, a user can use perform tasks on a maximum of four devices at once. Other than that, the update will not only allow doing chats on other machines but also supports synchronization, media support, chat history, which will help manage all the functions of the app on the computers. Another important revelation is that the giant is planning to utilize this imminent and under-trial feature for iPads as well. Before this, iPads were not fully compatible with the WhatsApp application. The new update will help the Apple users to operate the application on their tablets just like the Microsoft and android users will do. 

What are the limitations?

The tech giant is working on multidevice support and helping users to have an enormous advantage by using the messaging app on their computers. On the other hand, there are some limitations that the app users might have to face. WhatsApp multiple device support may have its fair share of restrictions. The very first thing is its connectivity issue. Rumors say that even if the phone’s battery is dead, the users can still access it on other devices. However, WhatsApp itself says that the phone needs to be connected to the internet or else, the application might not perform its functions on the devices like it is supposed to. 

This limitation is a game-changer since the whole point of having access to different electronic devices in order to use the app was to be free of restrictions like necessary phone connectivity. But the internet connectivity turns out to be a big problem for those who tend to work on computers rather than on phones. Even in the corporate world where working becomes easy when people don’t have to check their phones while working on the PCs. Although, the glitch will not make a big difference for the users if they are bound to keep the phone connected to their computers and the internet. 

Will the Update Help WhatsApp Gain its Popularity Back? 

After the WhatsApp privacy policy update, the tech giant faced backlashes on social media big time. The users started to deviate from the platform in search of its alternatives. Even though the company confirmed its end-to-end encryption will not breach users’ privacy, the people stopped trusting it. Now the new multidevice support feature is on its way, the application has a chance to get back on track. Also, the messaging app stated that the users can enjoy all the services and functions regardless of its privacy policy. This means that the app users will not be bound to stick with the terms and conditions of the app in order to use it on other devices. They can simply click on ‘decline or don’t agree with the privacy conditions, reportedly.

This means one thing that users can once again rely on the application without worrying about the security and privacy breaches.   

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