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Truth About WhatsApp Privacy Policy May Not Be What You Think

For a few days, the globally used messaging application was being hit by criticism from all over the world, supposedly. The new WhatsApp privacy policy was the actual cause behind the disparagement from the users. However, WhatsApp recently clarified that its users are being the victim of rumors since the policy doesn’t claim to share user’s information with its parent company, Facebook.  Besides, there are several other fallacies that people have been considering true, presumably. 

Misconceptions About The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy 

Contrary to the current allegations and assumed rumors regarding WhatsApp, the platform presented an entirely different notion about its privacy policies. According to the tweet from the official WhatsApp account, the application doesn’t temper with the privacy of the user’s conversation, location, and other significant aspects that the users want to keep confidential. As per the application, its end-to-end encryptions assures the confidentiality of conversations and contacts. 

No Association With Facebook  

The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy made a lot of app users worried as they thought their location, call logs, and chats will now be shared with Facebook. Since Facebook is WhatsApp’s parent company, supposedly it is common to believe that both apps are associated in terms of data sharing. Although, WhatsApp through social media platforms, explained that the connection is not based on sharing users’ information unless they give the app permission to do so. Also, according to the messenger’s recent attempt to nullify the public’s wrong perceptions regarding the app, it assured that neither the platform’s team nor its parent company can even have a glance at user’s data unless they are willing to share it. 

What Initiated All The Supposed Rumors?

WhatsApp is one of the widely popular messaging apps in the world. However, people rely immensely on social media platforms. The new WhatsApp privacy policy began to get criticized when the message about its latest update popped on users’ cellphones. The message stated that agreeing to the privacy policies will allow the users to use WhatsApp and denying would disallow the users from using the application. This resulted in the alleged fallacies about the outlet. Several experts suggested other WhatsApp Alternative Apps for users to keep communicating. Thus, the new policy update and suggestions by numerous entities assumably resulted in the alleged rumors about WhatsApp. 

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