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Are Signal And Telegram Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps Around?

Recently, one of the most popular and globally used messaging application, WhatsApp updated its privacy policies. The new update indicated that the app will share user data with its parent company, Facebook. Moreover, the users must agree to the terms to keep using the application. After the extensively spread news regarding the updated privacy policies, the social media users initiated a search quest for WhatsApp alternative apps. Their newly developed interest in messaging outlets was supposedly an outcome of their insecurity concerning privacy. So far, Signal and Target have emerged as the most suitable alternative to WhatsApp.

Why Look For WhatsApp Alternative Apps?

The enormous interest in shifting from the previously popular app to the new ones lies with the fact that users are more into the security of their data. They are unable to find WhatsApp trustworthy since it is openly stating to share user data with Facebook. Therefore, Signal and Telegram are the people’s choice. In order to comprehend the significance, the understanding of what makes these two media different is quite important.   


Every application has numerous benefits as well as drawbacks. Since the discussion is about Signal as one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps, a good advantage of using its services is that it requires minimum user data to activate the account. Unlike WhatsApp, the users are not bound to provide their IP address and information about email and other user accounts. The platform only requires the phone number and no further data to create a user account. Also, Signal runs on the principle of privacy since the whole concept of the outlet is to keep the chats and conversations of the users encrypted and secure. 

In addition, dissimilar to WhatsApp, Signal group chats are safer and user-reliant. In other words, the app doesn’t allow anyone to add members to the group without sending an invite. The users decide whether they want to be a part of the group or not by accepting or rejecting the invitation.  

After the new WhatsApp privacy policy, the Tesla owner, Elon Musk also recommended Signal as an alternative to WhatsApp evidently due to its nature of being reasonable in terms of security.  Other than a safer platform, the interface is also believed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. 

Furthermore, this is hard to comprehend whether it is ironic or humorous that Signal is created by the co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton who discontinued his association with WhatsApp in 2017. 


Today, the users of multiple applications look for a variety of features to experience a good technological environment. Other than that, more user-friendly features and options make an application easy to use. Consequently, one of the new attractive WhatsApp alternative apps, Telegram offers a diverse range of features to its users. For, instance, one of the good features of the platform is its self-deleting messages option that allows a user to keep the chatroom uncrowded with messages. Although the service can be turned off from the settings. 

Its media sharing feature makes it a lot different from WhatsApp and a better platform to use. In simpler words, Telegram doesn’t compress files since it can afford up to 1.5GB of media size. 

The quick-change into light and dark mode option is a good way to control to theme according to the user preference. Plus, it comprises of diverse themes that is an excellent way to impress those users who like to play with an app’s appearance.  

Lastly, one of the finest characteristics of Telegram, which is not even remotely present in WhatsApp messenger is that it allows users to edit messages if they wish to change their typed messages.  

Other Applications To consider 

Besides Signal and Telegram, many other platforms provide a massive deal of services that are excellent in order for users to have a good chatting experience. The globally popular app is causing trouble for its users by forcing them to consider other options. For instance, a few days back, people started to take stress upon whether they would change their smartphones or not if WhatsApp stops working on the old mobiles. Now, they are wondering if they can rely on the app since their privacy has been compromised. However, some of these outlets are among good WhatsApp alternative apps that might provide a good user experience.  







Google Hangouts 

Some of these apps even work all around the globe; thus, the users can decide the platforms according to their region to overcome the difficulty of using an unpopular messaging application. 

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