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Windows 10 Users Reach Mark of Half Billion

The Windows 10 users have come to the mark of half billion users all over the world. However, Microsoft has set the target of one billion Windows 10 users.

In a build conference, CEO of Microsoft announced the increase in Microsoft 10 users from 400 million back in September last year to 500 million. The unification of all the platforms under the Windows will help increase the number of Windows 10 users.

Reduced Growth of Windows 10 Users

Microsoft did anticipate a faster growth in Windows 10 users. The number of users for the new operating system increased significantly when Microsoft a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1.

Windows 10 has become of the fastest growing Microsoft operating systems. The free upgrade offered ended in August 2016. However, Windows 7 and 8.1 users can still upgrade to the new operating system using a valid key.

To Hit the Billion Users Mark

Windows 10 Users Reach Mark of Half BillionAt the time of launching Windows 10, Microsoft announced that this new operating system would hit the one billion mark by mid-2018. However, it is still a long way to go. Instead, Microsoft has so far achieved only half of its milestone. Microsoft has one year before it can hit the road to one billion Windows 10 users.

Microsoft Windows 10 Phone Lack Luster

Despite all the efforts, Microsoft has not been able to sell the amount of Windows 10 smartphones it liked. It still envies the success attained by its competitors in the mobile operating system, Android, and iOS.

Some reports suggest that Microsoft has had a great drop in sales of Windows Phones. Microsoft Windows phone’s market share has dropped considerably over the last year.

Microsoft’s original anticipation of reaching one billion Windows 10 users probably accounted for added phone users as well.

Let us look at the reasons Microsoft Windows 10 phones did not reach the anticipated level of success.

  • There is no additional benefit for smartphone users to switch from the Android or iOS to Windows 10 Phone.
  • Many of the tech industry experts believe that Microsoft Windows smartphones are too expensive against the utility they provide to the end users.
  • Android and iOS mobile operating systems have worked over the years to establish their brands. It is not easy for a company to make another impression as it has failed in its first effort to impress the users.

Microsoft needs to rework on its mobile phone strategy to reach the intended goal of one billion users. It is tough to accomplish this milestone without adding Windows 10 phone users to the total number of subscribers.

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