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On This World Mental Health Day Lets Discuss Schizophrenia

While everyone is talking about mental diseases like anxiety and depression, on this world mental health day, here is another important mental disease which I want to discuss today, Schizophrenia. This disease is spreading unknowingly and capturing us all in it. Its cause could be the same as that of other mental diseases but you know what? This is not curable once the patient reaches a specific age and still, it remains undiagnosed.


World Mental Health Day And Schizophrenia

Now let’s discuss Schizophrenia on this world’s mental health day. You know what actually is the true definition of Schizophrenia? I bet that most of the people don’t!

This disease name Schizophrenia is a severe and chronic mental disease. This disorder affects the thinking and the analytical approach of the person which is reflected in the behavior of that person as well. The Schizophreniac patient lose the contact with reality as they try to build one of their own reality through their imagination. The symptoms of this disease are very disturbing and disabling too!

At What Age, This Disease Could Start?

Now the most asked question would be that what is the starting age of Schizophreniac mental disorder?

Basically, this disorder is built from age of 16 to 30. The study says that the people above 45 are less to get captured by this disease.

Symptoms Of This Disease

Following are the symptom of this disease

  • Hallucinations
  • Discomfort in Thoughts
  • Stressful and depressed talk by the affected person
  • Agitated body movements
  • Several delusions

Cause Of Schizophrenia

Studies suggest that the typical cause of this disease is unknown but several factors such as mental stress, Psychological pressure, genetic influence, physical and environmental factors contribute to triggering this disease.

Ratio In Different Genders

This disease is mostly found in men than women with the ratio of 1.4:1.

Treatment of Schizophrenia Possible Or Not?

The treatment on this disease is not properly discovered yet. But on this world mental health day, this disease should also get the attention of the health research organizations. there should be a proper therapy and treatment of this mental disorder.

Love And Support

Whereas, in all the other parts of the world this day is celebrated to acknowledge the strength and bravery of these patients who suffered mental stress.



These patients need your care and support and this is the time we start paying attention to mental health as equally as we pay attention to our illness. Trust me or not this all starts in your head and spreads in your body.

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