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What is Reality of Yasir Shah Scandal about Sexual Harassment

Pakistan’s Test cricketer Yasir Shah is facing backlash due to allegations of aiding and abetting the rape of a minor girl. The aunt of the 14-year-old girl has lodged an FIR (First Investigation Report) against Shah and his friend Farhan in Shalimar Police Station Islamabad. According to reports, both have been booked under sections 292-B and 292-C (child pornography), and section 376 (rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Yasir Shah Scandal Details

According to the details about the Yasir Shah scandal present in FIR, Farhan took the number of the girl and then tried to be her friend. Both also remained connected to Yasir Shah through WhatsApp. Then on August 14, when the girl was returning from tuition, Farhan took her somewhere in F-11, captured her video, and raped her at gunpoint.

When the girl resisted, Farhan threatened her to make the video viral and kill her if she tells anyone about the incident. The report added that Yasir Shah also threatened her that he was a huge cricketer with influence at higher places and would make her life miserable if she complained to anyone. Shah also allegedly threatened the aunt of the little girl and offered money and residence till the girl turned 18. Then the report said Shah will get Farhan and the girl married.

Mixed Reaction from Social Media

Just like every controversy, the Yasir Shah scandal has also divided public opinion. Many remain split over the details that have emerged about one of the key bowlers of the Pakistan cricket team. Some wanted Yasir to be punished harshly for what he had allegedly done while others called for patience as it was only one side of the story.

Either way, it was a disturbing story that has opened up familiar wounds still hurting this nation. This pain led cricket lovers to suggest PCB perform regular background checks on players so the scourge of society can be kept away from cricket at least.

Some cricket fans also wanted to see Yasir Shah gone and stripped from all cricketing records, should be proved guilty. Even though the rape allegations are against his friend, he allegedly protected him and threatened the victim to keep quiet.

Some took the opportunity to explain how rape works, referring to the problematic statements once made by PM Imran Khan. Speaking on the FIR details, they argued how Shah toured different countries but only used his influence in Pakistan. It showed that assault is not about a man being helpless about his sexual desires, it is about the power and influence he has.

Response from the Cricket Board

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that it will release an official statement after completing the internal investigations.

Yasir Shah scandal is not the only controversy of such nature in cricket this year. In November, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team Babar Azam also faced allegations of sexual harassment. However, the charges were proven true and the cricket fanbase supported Azam.

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