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Now this is An Innovative Wedding Card Idea in Pakistan

Former Press Secretary to PM, Danyal Gilani shared a video on social media, showing an innovative wedding card idea. It appeared that he recieved an invitation to the wedding of Usama and Rimsha. The card looked like a Pakistani passport and also had a boarding pass that said “walima”.

It was funny for most of the viewers but some argued if using the state insignia for private affairs was legal or not.

Innovative Wedding Card Idea for Making Your Event Special

Pakistani weddings usually recieve glorified treatment which is why the passport card may not come as a surprise to many. People usually go above and beyond while spending money on weddings. The decor, the food, the clothes, everything is heightened to showcase wealth and status. Wedding invitation cards have also started to serve that purpose with different new designs. This allows the hosts to feel that they made thier function unique and different from others. The passport style invitation might not be new but it can still work as an innovative wedding card idea.

People Argue Whether it is Legal

This innovative wedding card idea also contained Pakistan’s emblem which caught the attention of some users. They wondered if common people use this style at thier weddings, would the government penalize them or let them go just like this wedding.

The Names and Emblems of Pakistan

According to Prevention of Unauthorized Use Act 1957, one cannot use any sign related to the state without taking permission from the state in writing. The punishment details for violation of this law are a bit absurd. The law updated in 2016, states that there is only 500 PKR fine for using the emblems for personal matters. It is not that much because many can easily afford to pay this fine. It means that they will do whatever with the Pakistan’s emblem and get away with it after paying a minor fine.

As far as innovative wedding cards idea go, there is one that will perfectly suit the science geeks. 3 years ago, an indian couple went with chemistry-themed wedding card to solidify thier love for each other. 

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