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8-Year-Old Child Gets Electric Shocks at the Hands of His Father

Child labor is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan since people don’t understand the consequences of such a wretched act. Apart from child labor, child abuse is a bigger crime because it ruins the innocence of kids. Ilham, an 8-year-old, faced a similar situation as his father beat him and gave him electric shocks for not selling mats (chattai). He is a small kid with no knowledge of business and trading. 

What does the 8-year-old Ilham have to say?   

Ilham told the whole story while talking to a random individual. The well-wisher asked Ilham a few things regarding his work and his father’s behavior towards him. He told the person that his father asks him to work by selling carpets or mats for rs500 each. 

Child abuse scandals and cases are spread across Pakistan, as it is a disease that requires proper treatment. Well, Ilham is but just a kid who is unaware of business. His age requires him to play and study to prosper and grow better in society. Instead of helping the kid grow well, his father beats him for not meeting the target. Moreover, he electrocutes the kid with wires. According to Ilham, his father is a healthy person who also sells mats to earn a livelihood. Many might ask this question: what sort of father does that to his kid?    

Police takes action against Ilham’s Father 

According to the media reports, the viral video of 8-year-old Ilham, police found his father and arrested him by charging him with child abuse and child labor. Supposedly, the police are investigating him to find out more. 

There must be so many other stories like Ilham that fail to reach the limelight. Respective authorities in Pakistan need to ensure that no kid has to face such fate even in their own home.

Safety Of Children And Women Is A Growing Concern in Pakistan

Children are the asset of any country and they should be well protected from harm. There has been duplicity of cases that involved children being physically and sexually harmed. Just like Zainab a 29-months old kid who was raped and murdered. Women on the other hand share the same fate at the hands of criminals. The country needs to look out for those who can’t protect themselves against the sinners.  

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