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Rape and Murder of 29 Months Old Zainab Sparks Outrage

#JusticeForZainab started trending on Pakistani Twitter once again; this time for 29 months old girl who was raped and then brutally murdered as per media reports. The victim was abducted from Charsadda, Peshawar. As per police and media reports, her body was discovered in the fields of Charsadda town. Moreover, the details add to the matter that the murderers slit open her chest after sexually abusing and molesting her. 

The incident traumatized people since it was not the first case. She was another Zainab who became the victim of brutality and monstrous attributes of individuals who committed the hideous crime. And again, this led people to consider the worst punishment for such demons. 

Details about Zainab’s Case 

Till now, police have not found the culprits. According to police, Zainab was brutally molested 18 hours before her perpetrators cut her open and murdered her. Khyber medical college Peshawar confirmed that her killers abused her sexually before murdering her. 

Public demanding Justice for the Raped and Murdered 2 Years Old Girl

Sadly, rapes and murders have become a trend in Pakistan. Two years back, the whole country demanded justice for the eight-year-old Zainab. Now, it has been two years and the crime rate has increased instead of decreasing. This recent case has become an anchor of anger among the people because it even hard to comprehend how a person can be so brutal to inflict such agony to a 2-year-old. 

Citizens of Pakistan demanded nothing but rightful justice for the victims of mentally sick inhuman beings. In light of previous cases, most of the population felt off because of the unsolved cases. Their emotions justified their anxiousness regarding the increasing crime rate, especially rapes. The evidence of such worrisome behavior of people is the fact that police failed to catch the rapist involved in the Sialkot Motorway Case

The whole nation buried itself under depression and anger in order to provide justice to Zainab who did not realize the cruelty of this world. She was not aware of what people might do to young infants like her. She had no clue of her nothingness before a man who could not control his frustration; he took it out on an innocent kid who probably was not even able to speak her mother’s name properly. Consequently, it derived the nation of Pakistan to express their suppressed anger in terms of demanding justice for the deceased.

Unworthy Authorities in the Eyes of Public: 

Due to so many unsolved cases of rape where murderers and rapists are never convicted people have found the authorities unworthy of their trust. The very reason led people towards demanding the removal of CCPO Umar Sheikh; He mentioned in his interview that a girl should be careful with her action in order to be safe in this society. The very act of victim blaming was something that furstrated the public.

The increasing cases of rape and murder has even infuriated the Pakistani celebrities who often raise their voice on such heinous issues. Actor and writer Usmnan Khalid Butt, in a series of tweets condemned the incident and also raised if the culprits in Marwah murder case were convicted or not.

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