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Best Items to Buy from Daraz 11.11 Sale in Pakistan

Daraz 11.11 sale is always a feast in Pakistan. Users flock to the site in hopes of finding something that they need in considerably cheaper rate. Daraz’s parent company Ali Express offers millions of items on sale on November 11 each year.

Daraz 11.11 Sale Products

To save users from the trouble of searching, here are the best items on sale that Pakistani men or women might require. A well cultivated list can also save them from potential scams that are happening on Daraz.

S20 1.28 Inch Smart Watch

With the rise of smart watch trend, many users try to find out a reliable alternative to the obvious Apple watch. Undeniably, there are very less of those in the market. But, it does not mean to simply ignore the products that meet the demand in lesser cost than Apple. One such watch is SENBONO S20 with 1.28 inch LCD display and an extremely lightweight impact on the wrist.

It has a sporty and trendy look along with smart button placement to avoid accidents during exercise. It is waterproof, durable, scratch-resistant, and has a sharp display that every smart watch user requires. It offers 7 sports modes; running, cycling, hiking, swimming, football, tennis, and volleyball. 

It does not have the blood oxygen monitor but contains many features of an elite smart watch including calorie counter, distance tracking, sleep monitoring, call and message notifications, and social app notifications.

Due to sale, it is brought down from 7,000 PKR to 4,499 PKR. Here is the link to product on Daraz

Nokia 2.4 Smartphone

A solid design has always been the trademark of Nokia which made it the most reliable phone brand in history. Until recently, the pioneer started struggling in keeping up with the highly diverse smartphone market. That is because it has been focusing on providing best value for money in budget category. The phone only costs 19,799 PKR on Daraz 11.11 sale.

Most phones in the market have taken this category for granted but it is not the case with Nokia 2.4. It is the 4th installment in the Nokia 2 series that started in 2017. It has 6.5 inch HD+ display (720×1600) with a teardrop notch. It is available in both variation; 2/32 GB, 3/64 GB

It received good reviews from the buyers and they even shared pictures of the received product. Click here to go to the product’s page.

Jacket For Women

There is winter season in Pakistan so clothing is bound to get attention from public. There are so many option to choose from on Daraz. Checking them all can definitely wear out the user. Women who were looking for a reliable windbreaker for winter season, have come to right place. 

This jacket available on Daraz 11.11 looks very comfortable for the price of 2,999 PKR. the sale would be a perfect companion for women in the chilly nights of Pakistan. It appears to have less dense fur than other jackets which reduces the chances of it getting tangled with the hair. Girls do not need to worry about choosing between shalwar kameez, trousers, jeans, tights, or skirts, this jacket will enhance her splendor any dress. It only costs 2,999 PKR for sale.

Jogging Shoes For Men

A good pair of shoes for a workout is rather costly in the offline market. Even on Daraz, users might face confusion in selecting the right product from so many options. They have to be extra careful while buying sportswear because manufacturing them is a job for specialists. Any random shoe manufacturer is likely to provide a very basic solution for jogging.

But it does not mean that customers should only keep buying Nike shoes, which are incredibly expensive. Few other brands have managed to achieve the desired quality. The shoes appear to be very soft and breathable, which can compromise the quality in some cases. According to buyer reviews, there was no complaint regarding quality. Sale has brought it down to 3,387 PKR from 7,132 PKR.

Graphics Drawing Tablet

A digital drafting pad is certainly a more convenient way of sketching with pen and paper. First, it protects the trees, second, it offers a more professional way to work on art projects on the go. The best features to expect in a drawing tablet are a big working space, helpful hotkeys, responsive touch and stylus, resolution, and pressure sensitivity.

An elite level drafting pad costs more than 20,000 PKR but there are some amazing alternatives in the sale. JvGood tablet has gained a couple of positive reviews from users due to its seamless compatibility with applications and platforms, at a considerably lower price.

It normally costs around 7000 PKR but the sale made it for only 3,929 PKR. 

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