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These Kids Got Scammed on Daraz After Ordering A Drone

Online shopping is a sensitive activity especially for a place like Pakistan. Here, concepts like quality assurance and customer service are somewhat obsolete, which raises the probability of a scam. Daraz is a popular online shopping platform and it is under fire for enabling fraudulence once again.

A group of kids was scammed after ordering a camera drone from the platform. One of the kids wanted to upload an unboxing video on his YouTube channel but received an empty box. His excitement quickly turned into sorrow when he opened the delivery package.

A relative shared a video of the incident which went viral on social media

The boy’s name is Ali Taimoor and he just started his YouTube career 2 months ago. He has gained more than 360 subscribers from his work on travel vlogs, comedy routines, unboxing, and other skits.

Whoever came across the video, wanted to help these kids in forcing the shopping platform to take action. Moreover, they were hoping for the boy’s money to return ASAP

Daraz Receives Strong Backlash on Social Media

It is one thing to scam an adult but scamming little kids is just ruthless. The company must investigate the incident thoroughly and make for the losses that the kids incurred

People were finding it hard to stop their hearts from dissolving. The kids surprisingly remained calm but a huge storm broke out on social media

Apparently, the incident has brought more viewers to the boy’s channel. The public seems to be equally disappointed in the so-called number one online shopping site in Pakistan.

It is true that buying online in Pakistan can be a gamble but if companies like Daraz are enabling sale and purchase then there must be a response to such crime

Pakistan already went through trauma while trying to adapt to E-commerce. After so many years, the relationship between trust and honesty is still bleak. Unfortunately, it may not improve if it’s not moderated by accountability.

Some folks even hoped to help Ali Taimoor by sending the lost amount. They wanted the boy to continue making his content with the same passion

It is an alarming situation for the future of E-commerce in Pakistan. A private equity financing firm also came forward with a wish to get the kids what they wanted. If anyone wants to send a gift online, there are few ways to ensure security

Response from the Company

After heavy criticism on twitter, Daraz responded by mentioning that they have talked to the customer. The company also assured that the kids will get their smile back

According to reports, the kids paid 6500 PKR for the drone. Someone posted that the money has been returned to the kids. He also added that the platform removed the seller and sent the drone to the customer

Other Online Scams happened on the same Platform

Scams on Daraz are not new. A number of consumers have reported fraud in the past. One twitter user ordered a Davidoff coffee but received a regular Nescafe one which is available at all corner shops.

There are many frauds posing as sellers on the platform. One user mentioned that a bogus advertisement can have positive reviews to confuse customers. It is another reason to stay vigilant and research carefully when making a choice from plenty of options. Ideally, some customers share images of the received product under the advertisement. It is better to look at those images before making a purchase

In another case, a lady wanted to order some cushion covers but the genius at the back delivered a children’s dress. It shows that some sellers just opened a business account before understanding how to use the platform. Daraz itself cannot do much unless the customers decide to file a report. This is a very hectic and time taking process due to which this lady probably gave up her right to claim a refund.

Sometimes the fraud seems more like a stupid mistake from the seller. In one instance, a father ordered a kurta from himself. He received it but the size was debatable

Some customers did not even receive proper balloons for this year. Considering how the year is going, sellers may have thrown away all the 2020 balloons out of fear

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