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It Was Not Only Kasur- Child Abuse Scandal Reportedly Hits Okara

It has not been so long since, the nation came to know about gruesome Kasur child abuse scandal. It seems that heinous crime didnt only victmise the innocent kids of Kasur but also targeted the children of Renala Khurd, a Tehsile Town of district Okara, where a gang is playing with the childhood of innocent kids.

Child Abuse Scandal Okara

According to a report by Umer Cheema an investigative journalist of The News, a child abuse scandal has emerged in Renala Khurd Okara. The report tells the story of Mubarak, a driver at a factory in Manga Mandi, who is fighting the case for his teenage son. Mubarak’s son who was in 9th grade not only became the victim of child abuse but also got filmed for the ordeal twice.

The report that quotes Mubarak reveals that victim remains silent like a lost soul or starts crying. Mubarak also told that he had filed an FIR with Police which was initially reluctatnt but finally filed it after he threatened them to set himself on fire and also because a lawyer had pressurized them to do so.

According to story, Father of the victim is also facing pressure from the accused who are asking him to back-off in retrun of financial compensation.

Other Cases of Child Abuse Scandal in Okara

Mubarak’s son is not the only victim of Okara child abuse scandal. There are dozens of kids who have faced molestation at the hands of gangsters who are said to be linked with culprits of Kasur Child abuse. In many cases the familes of victims chose to remain silent as they couldn’t file an FIR against accused for their links with people in power. They either shifted their homes or sent their kids to some other places.

What is worst that kids who became the victim of child abuse became traumatized, they stopped going to schools, parks and abondoned their sports activities.

Rampant Crime of Child Abuse

The recent revelation by investigative journalist is indeed shocking and shows that even all the clamor on social media after Zainab murder case, couldn’t do anything to stop the goons from committing such a serious crime against the innocent kids. Their attempt is simply equal to crippling the tiny blossoms before they become a flower and spread their fragrance in the society.

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