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Eso fashion presents light, medium and heavy armor styles

Many of the people are looking to find the best armor type to match their character’s requirement on Eso as the new year is also arriving and your Eso character needs a new Eso fashion armour as well. So Eso fashion collection is the reply to all those people who might be suffering the mental stress due to the confusion in costume selection. You can select the character of a  knight with shining armor, a horrifying vampire with all the essential scary details, or a fairy with the electric color armor also. Let’s see what kind of armor or will suit your character!

 “Pretty armors need brave warriors too!”


Eso fashion And Armors It Offers

Now we all know that Eso armors are the fantastic costumes based on the fictionary characters of the video games. This imaginary world is as beautiful as you can see in the video games and the theme of these costumes will define a certain and different approach as you will define your style statement through your character’s appearance in the game. There are many types of armors which are included in this new variety presented by Eso fashion. You can select according to the character and the definition you want in your Eso character’s costume, you can also decide according to the theme you want to your character to present.

Light Armour By Eso Fashion

No doubt, Confidence is armor that no one can offer you and your Eso characters also need the confidence with the strategy you present to these characters. But here the question is that what armor would suit your character’s confidence? After all, dreams catch us when the armor lifts off. So according to me if you are a female and want to show the feminity to the world of Esco then you have to choose the Eso fashion- light armor. Your mask will also get adjusted as the light armor you select for enduring your beauty in Eso.

Most of us have also used the Eso Fashion Halloween style


Medium Armor

Now comes the medium armor by Eso fashion, this is the most important and most liked armor in both male and female character of this video game. This armor represents the stability and the intermediate expression in your character. This armour could be used with or withour mask as well!


The Heavy Armor By Eso Fashion

The heavy armor represents your love and passion of becoming a knight and the perfect fairy tale warrior for yourself. You will have so many advantages of selecting this armor. Your protection level will also get increased as you selected this armor. No doubt what you are the rest of the world could never be that and this is how your armor should be. It should be utterly different and these heavy armors provide you full coverage masks as well you can be the horrible, terrific diva and the scray yet courageous knight as well!


Have you guys checked out the Eso fashion Tamriel’s next top model? If not then view the video below and learn more about it. Thank me later!


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