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Cricketer Aaron Finch Drops Surprise For A Newlywed Couple

A newlywed American couple of Asian origins got married and sent a picture showing them watching Pakistan vs. Australia cricket just moments after they got married. The picture posted was taken at the moment when cricketer Aaron Finch was on the TV.

Aaron Finch strikes again

Over the year, Aaron Finch has gained a massive following on a global scale. There are countless tales of cricket fans doing the crazy thing just to watch cricket.  One such fan’s name is Hassan Tasleem, who just a few minutes after concluding his marriage arrived at his home in Detroit, Michigan. During a photo session, the photographer clicked a photo of the groom and bride watching the Pakistan vs. Australia cricket match.

The photo was clicked at a time when the camera was focusing on Australian cricketer Aaron Finch. The fan tagged this photo to ICC, who later on posted for the world to see. The Aussi cricketer, while congratulating the newlywed couple, had this to say.

Fans Response

The way people have responded to the post is worth taking a look

 The level of cricket fanaticism has, at the time forced people to change the dates of their marriage just so they can focus on the match with ease.

Indians and Pakistanis are counted amongst some of the biggest cricketing fans who just can’t get enough of the game. The game is so deep-rooted in their culture that, according to some historians cricket might have played a pivotal part in helping them gain their independence by motivating them to stand up for themselves.

A Swing And A Miss

  Pakistan over the years has developed a bad losing streak that for some reason, just won’t come to an end. While keeping to its old tradition, Pakistan lost the match to Australia resulting in people and praying that the Pakistani groom batted well on his first night of marriage.

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