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Abu Dhabi Drone Attack by Houthi Rebels Causes Deaths and Injuries

Abu Dhabi drone attack claimed by Houthi rebels has caused the explosion of three fuel tankers. As per the media reports, there were two attacks; the other one was at Abu Dhabi international airport. The attack took the lives of three people and left many injured. The matter is under investigation, as police is still not sure about the involvement of drones as per the initial reports.

As per officials, the attack was supposedly done using drones that targeted the emirate’s new airport construction site on Monday and caused the explosion of three oil tankers.

Houthis Involvement in Abu Dhabi Drone Attack

Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the Abu Dhabi drone attack, reportedly. No further detail of the attack has come yet; however, the group is likely to disclose details about a future military operation in U.A.E, as reported by the media.

Causalities in UAE Drone Attack

According to the officials, the airport attack didn’t receive much damage since the targeted area was under construction. Also, a series of flights were delayed on Monday morning so the chance of massive destruction was decreased already. However, the tanker explosion was destructive since it resulted in casualties and wounds. The people who died of the explosion included one Pakistani and two Indians. Preliminary investigations of the Abu Dhabi drone attack detected flying objects that fell into the targeted spots.

UAE Involvement in War against Houthi Rebels

Since 2015, UAE(United Arab Emirates) has been a part of the Saudi-led war in Yemen against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. Houthis have also endured heavy losses as a result of the conflict and chaos. Previously, the Houthis have frequently attacked Saudi Arabia through drones. These attacks include airstrikes on Riyadh with missiles.  However, many attacks are successfully intercepted by Saudi Arabia. This Abu Dhabi drone attack in the UAE which is in an otherwise peaceful part of Saudi Arabia is alarming for several reasons. It seems that UAE is the fresh target of Houthis as they hijacked a cargo ship belonging to the region, the Rwabee on January 1st. The war is causing lives and the recent drone attack in Abu Dhabi seems like another beginning of a threat to the communities resulting in collateral damage.  

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