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Is PS5 Going to Launch PS3 Games in 2022?

The genre of smart and advanced gaming started when the big guns including PlayStation1, Xbox, and graphic cards became popular and replaced the arcade devices. Gamers then knew that a new era of gaming was born. The evolution in the world of gaming came when console users experienced PS3 games assisted with fabulous video graphics and stories. Now that evolution has become a revolution in the gaming universe and people have seen far better devices like PlayStation 5, Xbox series x, and many others. However, many people today miss the old days and golden games. The year 2022 might turn out to be surprising for the gamers who wish to play previous and original versions of PlayStation games. According to speculations, PS5 is probably going to launch some original PlayStation 3 games. This might include some of the finest exclusive PlayStation titles that made the 3rd gen PS popular.

Which PlayStation 3 Games PS5 is Launching?

Reportedly a list of PS3 games including Dead or Alive 5, Bejeweled, Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, Prince of Persia the Two Thrones appeared in the PS5 stores. All these games belonged to the PS3 time and it’s quite unusual that Sony is interested in resurrecting the old games. However, the news isn’t confirmed yet. This means that adding the titles in the store might just be a tactic to attract the gamers to become premium members.

But if Sony is actually planning to launch the older games, it might make many gamers happy.

Specialities of the Listed Games

Out of many old games, Sony made four PS3 games prominent. The first one is dead or Alive 5, the fighting game for PS3 and Xbox 360. The game was released in 2012 especially for fighting lovers. The second is Bejeweled in which the player matches tiles to complete the puzzle. It is more like a kids’ game that was developed by PopCap in 2001. The game is still downloadable for windows as well as console users. Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands is the third one on the list. The game is an epic combination of action and adventure. Also, the graphics according to 2010’s time are appreciable. The last and oldest one is the Prince of Persia the Two Thrones, which actually came before the forgotten sands because it was launched for PS2, Xbox, and windows but later gamers played in the PS3 as well. 

Other PS5 Projects

Sony is apparently not coming slow with its projects. The PS3 games thing is just an addition to other upcoming and existing major projects. Last month, it announced PS Plus free games for PlayStation lovers. other than that new controllers and more games are coming to surprise the gaming community. 

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