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People Point out the Real Bad Guys in TV Villain vs. Real Villain Memes

A new meme is making rounds on twitter in which actual villains of popular TV shows and films are hilariously exposed. People showed how a film or movie tries to convince the audience in believing that a particular character is evil. However, in these villain memes, there are mostly neutral characters who cause more problems and obstructions for the good guys than those shown as bad guys.

This meme is like a tribute to those characters for existing and making the show as polarizing as it can be. For those who accept whatever villain is shown to them must check out these memes to identify those characters who cause more harm and enable evil to succeed.

Breaking Bad Villain Memes

These painfully accurate memes are from the blockbuster series Breaking Bad. An old man starts to cook and sell industrial quantities of crystal meth (prepared from Methamphetamine) in order to pay for his hospital bills. 

The Health Care system of USA is portrayed as the real villain in this meme. It is implied that this complex and corrupt system is the reason why people take questionable measures to bypass the system.

The graph below gives an example on how much US citizens pay in the name of health insurance every year. It can be noted that in 2014 people were paying around $6000 which increased bit by bit annually and became $7000 after 4 years. 

The Wire: Who is The Real Problem Here?

One of the most popular cop shows, The Wire has managed to bring people into feeling sympathy with drug dealers. Fans of the show think that cops were just disturbing the poor guys who are trying to survive in a harsh neighborhood, the only way they know how.

Actual Villains In How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis plays Annalise Keating who everyone admires and fears. She was introduced as a professor who chose five students for some exclusive work at her law firm. All of them get involved in a series of problematic events which always cause Annalise to take drastic measures in order to protect some college students.

Questionable Parenting In Home Alone

Here is an interesting qualifier for villain memes. Home Alone series of the film in which a family/comedy in which parents forget their 8-year-old at home and the home is invaded by thieves. People feel that a robber is a robber but a responsible parent is not allowed to make a huge mistake of leaving a little kid alone at home. Well, this was not the reason why fans rebuked Disney’s decision to make Home Alone.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This dark adaptation of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” will be wrapped up by Netflix when it returns later this year. This has led the fans of the show to announce Netflix as the real villain of the show which is ending a seemingly ok show.

The Great British Bake Off

The major cooking competition show is known for its snob judges especially Paul Hollywood. However, some people may have suggested the biggest bad guy of them all…time. Time is a villain in real life too but in this show, time is crucial for winning the competition. Well, this is really among some thought-provoking movie memes.

Who Was Worse Than The Cult In Midsommar

A couple visited Sweden for a festival but instead got into a bizarre competition powered by paganism. As things got dangerous and violent, the guy unveiled his cowardly side and tries to gaslight his girlfriend rather than being supportive. This is why he was considered a bigger villain by the audience

Mr. Shue In Glee

This funny TV series might not be as gleeful as most think. Fans of the show have pointed a character named Mr. Schuster as the worst of all because of his exploitative nature. He has harassed students on so many occasions and even made racial suggestions.

Bigger Jerk than Thanos in Avengers

The Avengers film series ended on the note of a vile villain Thanos who appeared in only two parts but changed the entire complexion of the story. Yet, the public has found another character who was supposed to be a hero but became a major reason for Thanos’ victory. Powered by ego, Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord disagreed with other heroes on everything, even the plan to defeat Thanos. As a result, Thanos was able to kill Gamora and receive the final stone to erase half of the universe; the scene when shown in trailer had left Avengers: Infinity War fans in an emotional wreck.

Selling Betrayal in Selling Sunset

A real estate biggie Davina Potraz stars as herself along with other real estate giants in a full-fledged elitist show, Selling Sunset. She has been the most polarizing characters on the show since it began. She has escalated the drama to unprecedented levels after betraying the protagonist, Chrishell

Who Is She-Who-Must-Not-Be Named in Harry Potter?

Voldemort is the embodiment of all evil in the Harry Potter universe. He made killing kids the purpose of his life. His actions are motivated by hate, immorality, racial cleansing, and superiority. Being a half-blood wizard, he goes against his own identity and aggressively wants the superiority of pure-blood wizards. Most fans of the series thought that J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter writer was the real true-crime mastermind for writing such a loathsome character.

The Office

The popular US workplace sitcom includes many colorful characters. Dwight K. Shrute is shown as the main antagonist who is responsible for some horrible incidents in The Office. Still, the audience preferred to choose a simple but naïve Pam for always jeopardizing her relationship with Jim.

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