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What is Ahad Raza Mir Cooking for his Resident Evil Co-Stars?

A Resident Evil co-star made a video of Ahad Raza Mir cooking multiple dishes in desi style. His fellow actors seem excited to see if the Pakistani actor could cook some traditional food. Mir is the heartthrob of millions of Pakistani TV fans, who keep him in the social media’s trending zone. Sometimes it’s for his latest acting sequence and other times it’s his looks. However, this time he has won their hearts for representing Pakistani food in front of American actors.

Ahad Raza Mir Cooking Makes Fans Proud

The video shared by Pakistani media outlets showed Ahad Raza Mir cooking as his co-stars helped him and recorded the video. There were 2 dishes on the stove, letting off dense steam and probably a strong aroma too. The video maker asked what was Mir making to which he replied “Qeema” and “Chicken Karahi”. These two are among the most popular dishes in Pakistan and making them increases the love and respect for Ahad.

Acting In Resident Evil

This Ahad Raza Mir cooking video was a much-needed marketing boost for the actor who was recently a target of online backlash. It was the time when viewers were excited to see Mir in an American Netflix show based on a Japanese horror game. However, as soon as Mir engaged in a lip-lock with co-star Ella Balinska, the internet went up in flames. Many hurled curses and verbal abuses against Mir for disrespecting his Muslim identity.

Resident Evil’s first season is available on Netflix since July 14. Mir has appeared in 5 out of 8 episodes.

Marriage and Divorce

Ahad Raza Mir cooking video also provides a distraction from a divorce that nobody saw coming. In April 2022, 3 months before the pilot of Resident Evil, media reports confirmed the divorce between Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali. Initially, it started as a rumor and most of the fans were left in disbelief. They were not ready to accept that their favorite couple was not together anymore. However, after watching the scene they speculated whether this could be the reason for divorce.

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