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Ahmed Ali Akbar Reacts to Manish Malhotra Using Parizaad Soundtrack

The popular Indian designer, Manish Malhotra recently posted a video chunk of his latest fashion campaign. He used the instrumental version of the title song of Pakistani drama, Parizaad that is currently touching the sky with its popularity. However, the Pakistani actor and the lead in the drama, Ahmed Ali Akbar commented about it on Instagram. He seemingly mocked the reputed designer for using the soundtrack of his series. Also, many people favored Malhotra since they thought he didn’t steal the music but simply used it for his show.

Parizaad Soundtrack in Indian Designer Manish Malhotra Show

Manish Malhotra left the fashion freaks stunned with the most recent showcase of his new designer clothes. However, he himself stole the light of his campaign by using the soundtrack of Parizaad as background music. This attracted a good number of Pakistanis but they were not talking much about the show. They fixated on the praising music. Sooner, the comment box started to fill with series lovers.

Other than that, there have been speculations that the Pakistani drama has crossed borders in terms of fan following and popularity. Many people on social media are wondering if Manish Malhotra is himself a fan of the show, which supposedly made him use its music for his fashion show.

Ahmed Ali Akbar Reaction on Malhotra’s Post

Ahmed Ali Akbar, who also happened to work in Ehd e Wafa, one of the most search Pakistani dramas of 2020, also reacted to Manish’s post by saying “Doesn’t that sound familiar”. His comment didn’t give an accurate connotation of his sentiments regarding the designer’s decision to use a Pakistani song from the Parizaad drama. But it seemed confusing as he was either taunting Malhotra or admiring him for using the music.

The Diverse Reaction from Public

There were diverse reactions to the Instagram post of the designer. Many of those who viewed the post criticized Manish Malhotra for stealing the music of Parizaad. Some even used inappropriate words for him. On the other hand, many netizens gave a shut-up call to those bad-mouthing about the designer. They explained that Manish has given credits to the drama by mentioning its name on the Insta post. They also mentioned that Pakistanis are unable to see reels due to regional privacy and encryption settings, which is why it is unfair to defame a person who has done something with good attention.

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