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Is Sony Planning to launch a PlayStation Controller for Smartphones?

With the rapidly changing time in the world of gaming and technology, advancements seem to be necessary. Now that the world is more interested in having small gadgets instead of using gigantic computers to play games, gamers require efficient and open-to-compatibility devices. If the reports are correct then the tech giant Sony is planning to bless the gaming community with the PlayStation controller specifically for smartphones. It might be a major innovative step for the company since the ratio of mobile gamers who are fond of utilizing such gadgets for gaming is increasing day by day.

How the New PlayStation Controller for Smartphones Will Work?

Almost all the gaming controllers work the same. They have Bluetooth connectivity that links the phone with the gadget and gamers can have a better grip at playing a variety of games. Usually, the ones who use smart devices for gaming purposes are because of the inability of their smartphones to fully cover all the aspects of a game. This is also the reason behind upgrading gaming controllers more often. Despite the similar work principle of the devices, the Sony PlayStation controller might offer something different in terms of specifications to the gamers.

As per the rumored patent that has been getting viral on social media, it lets the users fit their mobile phones right between the right and left button panels. It expands and wider in order to make room for the cellphone.


Is the New Controller a Better Choice for Gamers?

The world of gaming has witnessed a huge change ever since games like PUBG, Free Fire, Asphalt, and several other online masterpieces have been launched. On the other hand, if Sony is introducing a controller, it will be a dual shock device that gives a vibration effect while playing the games. Whereas, no other controller has this feature. This makes the supposedly imminent PlayStation controller a better and much efficient tech piece for advanced gamers.

A Good Marketing Strategy

Sony is without a doubt a great competitor in the gaming industry. The PlayStation controller for smartphone users might be a gamechanger. The reason is its previous inventions especially, the Sony PS5, which is a fully loaded gaming console. The console is still facing challenges in terms of getting a good number of customers in multiple regions. Its price is $499.99, which is a big hurdle for gamers. Also, its accessories are quite expensive too.

Thus, the new controller for mobiles will attract a good number of people. Although, it won’t be cheap too. Still, the device will probably have the same cost as the PS4 console controllers.  As per rumors, the gadget is going to increase the market of PS5 as well, which is a vague idea based on assumptions.

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