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Viral Ali Haider Gilani Video Sums Up Senate Elections 2021

An astonishing Ali Haider Gilani video surfaced just a few hours before Ministers of National Assembly (MNA) had to go to polls in Senate Elections 2021. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced to hold these elections after an anti-government drive by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The leaders of the alliance first refused to take part in Senate elections but finally yielded. However, on the day of elections the son of the most prominent opposition member Yousaf Raza Gilani (YRG), has been caught on the video, applying cheap tactics.

Ali Haider Gilani Video Becomes Problem For His Father

It appeared that Ali Gilani was explaining to lawmakers about wasting their vote during the elections. The government immediately pounced upon the opportunity to derail the opposition.

It has always criticized PDM as the unification of all Pakistani corrupt parties. Some public opinions have also shown displeasure with the alliance consisting of Maryam Nawaz, Fazl-Ur-Rahman, Bilawal Bhutto, Yousaf Raza Gilani, and others. PTI’s government demanded ECP declare YRG ineligible to compete in the polls.

PTI said that the son of the candidate was trying to buy votes for the PPP politician while teaching tricks about how MNAs can cancel votes. There were a couple of them in the video but their identity cannot be confirmed. It is also not clear who recorded and then leaked the video.

Government Submits Disqualification Reference

In response, Minister For Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry addressed a press conference in Islamabad outside the ECP complex. He criticized ECP for not taking immediate action in declaring YRG ineligible after Ali Haider Gilani video went viral. Chaudhry claimed it was ECP’s responsibility to ensure fair contest of elections and file reference against YRG under articles 218, 219, and 220.

Sometime later, ECP approved PTI’s request to file a corruption reference against the former Prime Minister. PTI MNAs came forward to submit some more references, seeking Gilani’s disqualification from Senate Elections 2021. According to the reports, more than 10 PTI MNAs were previously willing to vote for Gilani.

He is a joint candidate of PDM set to face PTI’s Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in the Senate Elections 2021. The controversial Ali Haider Gilani video might stop that from happening. YRG also faces other corruption charges along with accusations of rape and molestation.

Ali Haider Gilani Tries To Defends Himself And Father

The prodigal son admitted to the media that he was present in the viral video but refuted that he was doing any corruption. He alleged that those lawmakers belonged to PTI and they were not happy with their party’s on-goings. He said they were his friends also and they came to him for help. He claimed that he has met them several times and they wanted to vote for Gilani instead of Shaikh in senate elections.

They were afraid that what if their party becomes suspicious of them and confiscates their ballots. He said that he only tried to explain to them to mark Gilani’s name as well in case they received an already marked ballot with Sheikh’s name. This way the vote shall not be in favor of either candidate.

In his defense, he said that as a son of a democratic candidate, it was his right to hunt votes. Furthermore, he claimed that his conscience was clear as his family has always pursued organic votes and evaded corruption.

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