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What People Think of Cynthia Ritchie Accusing PPP Politician of Rape

Pakistan based US blogger accused PPP’s Rahman Malik of rape when he was Federal Minister. She added that PPP’s Makhdoom Shahabuddin and ex Prime Minister, Yusaf Raza Gillani also sexually assaulted her. These serious allegations made her a top trend on twitter which resulted in an outcry from the social media users.

First she tweeted that she was raped by high ranking members of the PPP leadership in 2011. However she mentioned revealing the names in Facebook Live.

Here is the video recording from Facebook Live session

Conflict between Cynthia Ritchie And PPP

The long term conflict is now intensified as these accusations came after Cynthia Ritchie made some serious allegations, a while ago against Benazir Bhutto, the late ex Prime Minister of Pakistan. Cynthia tried to give her input in the recent shindig with Uzma Khan and Malik Riaz’s daughters. She voiced her support in the favor of women but camouflaged a grave slander against the late senior minister.

These remarks have affected many people even beyond the circle of PPP. Last year, she was trolled for using his fight with PTI worker Farhan Virk.

A LUMS professor defended Benazir Bhutto in an angry video

The son of accused molester Yousaf Raza Gillani takes legal action against Cynthia Ritchie for slandering Benazir

After Benazir tweet incident, her claim of getting raped is getting mixed reactions from the public. Cynthia maintains that she has been harassed by PPP since 2010 and also received death and rape threats multiple times.

She said that the reason could be the political battle between PTI and PPP. She also said that she was assisting PTI with media strategy and PPP was trying to draw her away.

Rahman Malik Denied Allegations

Rahman Malik sent in a spokesperson to say that he felt insulted in replying to Cynthia over this allegation. He confirms that allegations are baseless and will be defended legally.  

Cynthia Ritchie responded after Rahman Malik denied allegations. 

Reactions On Cynthia Ritchie’s Allegations

There are different reactions to Cynthia’s accusation. Those who think her to be Pakistani establishment’s clown don’t seem to believe her. While there are those who think that irrespective of who Cynthia is and what is her job the accusations of rape are serious hence authorities must investigate the matter.

Some people called out to selective activists in Pakistan that were oddly quiet on this serious allegation. They hope to get justice for Cynthia

There were many people criticizing Cynthia for not coming forward soon. Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman reminded everyone about Harvey Weinstien’s case. His victims also came forward after a considerable amount of time and they got justice.

An investment banker shares a rational thought on how to deal with this situation. Could it be possible for Pakistanis to stop lewd remarks against the accuser and accused?

Thorough Investigation is necessary because character assasination is a normal activity in Pakistan.

Former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar condemned the allegations and accuses Cynthia of lies and deceit.

Some people stood by her and some people criticized her for playing politics. However the matter is still under investigation as the Justice of Peace, Islamabad has summoned Cynthia Ritchie along with PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) officials.

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