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ASUS ROG Phone 6 Takes Handheld Gaming to New Level

ASUS has been preparing to release its ultimate flagship yet for the gaming community. The Taiwan-based manufacturer confirmed on 1 June 2022 that there will be a huge announcement on 5 July regarding the 6th edition of its ROG Phone lineup. Android experts are pretty sure that this is the official release date. However, nothing is confirmed yet as the date might differ for each city in the world. Reportedly, Asian customers might be able to buy ASUS ROG Phone 6 several weeks after the release. As for Western buyers, they would probably wait even longer than that. However, thanks to the online community, some interesting details have been leaked about the upcoming device. If these rumours are true, mobile gaming fans are about to get their hands on a holy grail.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Leaked Details

Before the leak, ASUS only shared a few key specs of the phone. It is known that it comes with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, which no other phone currently has. It also revealed that ASUS ROG Phone 6 would be its first smartphone with a 165Hz refresh rate. Previously, only ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6, 6 Pro, 6s Pro, and & 7 had a 165Hz display. Besides this, the additional details leaked on Chinese social media Weibo showed the true power of this device.

Specifications and Price

As per the details, the screen size is the same as the ROG Phone 5, but the new 165Hz display will provide a much smoother experience in gaming. This feature, coupled with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, produces a powerhouse with significantly less overheating problems. It is unclear if the leaked details are of the basic model or the Pro one as it says it has 18 GB RAM and 1TB Storage which is not normal for a standard variant of any flagship. Previously, the ASUS ROG Phone 5 Ultimate model had 18GB RAM.

The battery will be the same as the previous generation, i.e., 6000mAH with a 65W fast charging speed. Apparently, the camera will also remain the same 64MP from the 5th edition, but the leaks do not disclose the type of lenses. A high-resolution camera can be a plus point for any flagship device, but it is not a preference for mobile gamers, who look to buy the phone with the best gaming performance under a reasonable price tag.

Speaking of price, it is also unclear which range ASUS ROG Phone 6 will fall under. However, analysts believe that the standard version will be around 1000 USD while the advanced version will be up to 1500 USD.

Expectations from ASUS

ASUS’s ROG line of phones is particularly popular among the community of mobile gamers. These devices had a clearly defined focus on gaming, which the company would take to another level with ASUS ROG Phone 6. The manufacturer has provided a great audio response, smooth gaming software, and exceptional battery life, but there is still room for improvement. Its ROG Phone series tend to become warm during extended play, making it uncomfortable to hold for some users. If this issue persists, then the 6th ROG Phone would struggle to compete with a very compelling list of upcoming gaming phones such as the Lenovo Legion Y90.

The next improvement can be the addition of wireless charging because of the price range ASUS chose for its products. If users are paying a grand for a phone, they must be able to charge it on the go. Moreover, there is also no need to release 4-5 models of the same flagship. Even 3 versions at the beginning are more than enough. Users would love it if there were fewer variants to choose from.

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