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A Bartender Spat on Eric Trump and People Are Losing It

Eric Trump while visiting a bar in Chicago, got spat on by one of its bartenders reportedly. instead of condemning the act people are laughing their heads off and are praising the bartender of what he has done.

That Wasn’t Donald Trump It Was Eric Trump

While visiting a bar in Avery in Chicago, the bartender spat at Eric Trump. For many people, a chance to spit on one of the Trumps is a dream come true and when they heard that somebody did these people broke down in laughter.

Those who weren’t there are feeling so unlucky and are praying that somebody got the entire incident on camera so they can watch the whole thing over and over again

While Other Had This to Say

Contrary to the beliefs of many, some people feel bad for Eric and are demanding justice for him. Just because he is the son of Trump should not make him a target for anti-Trump supporters. They believe the perpetrators of such a despicable act should be brought to justice.

People Have Been Spitting In His Food for Years

Human beings have a strange way of expressing their hatred towards people at times. Their method of expression is so weird and outrageous; it makes people wonder how low a person can go to insult someone. Spitting in someones food or drinks is one form of expression. To Eric’s dismay people might have been spitting in his food and drinks for years.

Despite being surrounded by loads of cocktails and spirits, the bartender chose to spit on Trump Junior to show his love and dedication to work. I mean why you should waste a beautiful glass or bottle of cocktail or spirits to get back at a Trump. Well, political believes apart, to humiliate fellow beings in such a way is condemn-worthy.

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