Friday, December 2, 2022
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People Are Wishing Barack Obama on Donald Trump’s Birthday

Americans are trolling President Trump on his birthday by wishing former President Barack Obama instead of him. Donald Trump is 73 years old now. He was born in Queens, New York City.  

Here’s How People Are Wishing Barrack Obama Instead of Trump

After seeing the hashtag-happy birthday Mr. President Trend people took to the social media platform and started wishing former President Barrack Obama instead of Trump.

Some even though they knew that it wasn’t Barrack Obama’s birthday folks still continued to congratulate him even though his birthday is in August.

While others had this to say

It’s Chris Evans Birthday

Interestingly enough today is also Chris Evans birthday as well for those of you who are having a hard time remembering who he is let me help you out. He the actor who played Captain America in the Marvel’s movie Avengers.

 While some wished the  current president a happy birthday

Remember Johan McCain

John McCain, who is considered one of the great American heroes, also passed away on this day is being remembered for his honorable services and not for being a traitor.

Obama must be feeling over the moon after watching people congratulate him instead of Trump. Trump must be ticked at the fact that someone else took his limelight on his big day.

After looking at the way, people were wishing Obama instead of Trump some Trumpers i.e., Trump supporters started making fun of people who were wishing Obama.

 Some people put forth hilarious names to commemorate this day

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