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What is Bernard Arnault Net Worth Compared to Rival Billionaires?

The competition between the world’s biggest business tycoons in terms of net worth keeps on fluctuating. According to Forbes, the CEO and Chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault net worth is now $188.2 billion, which is more than what Jeff Bezos possesses. The new change in the figure makes Amazon’s founder the second richest man in the world with a net worth of $186.0 billion. A few months back when Arnault scored the leading place, his net worth was $186.3 Billion. Fourteen months between the years 2020 and 2021 till May turned out to be the game changers of the new richest person on the planet. Before beating the leading tycoons, the CEO of LVMH’s net worth was not more than $76 Billion. At that period, the discussion over Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos was a hot topic for the public because both elite personalities were taking turns in becoming the wealthiest. 

Projects That Enhanced Bernard Arnault Net Worth

In the world where people used to know Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk as the most money-holding entities on the planet, the update on Arnault Net Worth changed the public’s perspective entirely. The entrepreneur invested his time and resources in multiple projects over the past few months. For instance, very recently in January 2021, LVMH scored a massive digit, which altered the density of the company. The firm locked and completed a deal for Tiffany & Co, the American Jewelers who deal in luxury Jewelry, accessories, and gifts. The deal benefited the company with a $15.8 billion profit. The project was considered to be the major turning point for LVMH. 

In 2019, the journey of becoming the richest began when the company invested $3.2 billion in the Belmond project. Belmond is the luxury hospitality group that owns a chain of hotels including 46 luxurious ones, river cruises, and trains. The invested money was an initiative for the group since it builds up the reputation in order to stand out as an equal competitor in the business industry. 

The projects and investments turned out to be quite advantageous for Bernard since he was possessing $76 billion before the rise in wealth. In 14 months, the French businessman expanded its net worth by earning $110 billion.

Where Do the Competitors Stand Now?

Given the current statistics regarding the wealth of the richest men on the planet, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are the two competitors in the competition of world’s second richest. The amazon owner is losing first place by $300 million while surpassing the Tesla founder whose current net worth is 168 billion USD with a big difference. However, the recent events point to another giant who won the wealth race. It seems like in the battle of Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault net worth rise made him the winner. 

Public Trolls Other Giants 

The hot topics of the day include who is the newest rich person on the planet. A few days back when every person was praising Musk to score the first rank, one of his competitors snatched his place. Similarly, the top place didn’t let Bezos enjoy the hospitality since a new person who was a ghost to many people came up with much more wealth and pushed Amazon’s founder back to second place. Now, people are searching the Bernard Arnault net worth as many had no idea who that French guy was. Despite the appraisal, the public is trolling some of the giants who had been owing to the ranks but now have been replaced. Some Indian social media users started trolling Mukesh Ambani an Indian Businessman with a net worth 87 billion USD. They made fun of him because he was no longer a topic of discussion due to the three tycoons aboding the first 3 places in the list of the world’s richest men. 

Moreover, the trolling is not limited to just Ambani, but also other rich personalities. For instance, since the news about Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorce came out, he became the victim of memes around the globe as he was expected to become a bit poor contradictory to his previous wealth record. After the change in the ranking of the world’s richest, he once again became a target of jokes as well as criticism since he’s now the fourth richest person in the world. 

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