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How The World is Reacting to the First Ever Black Hole Image

After NASA released the first-ever image of a black hole, the world is going haywire. The image was developed by a team of astrophysicists who worked together on a global scale. They collected data day and night through a series of radar telescopes placed at steric locations.

The Way People Are Responding To the Black Hole Picture Is Hilarious

The name of the project responsible for assembling the first black hole image is The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).  The name of the project is derived from the telescope used to collect the information needed to compile the image.

The released image is just a day old, and already people have started making fun of it. Many feel that the image release is nothing more than a yawning person photoshopped orange 

For this user the image  is just  a marketing stunt designed by Comcast to promote itself clearly 

Apparently, the situation is so important  that even  the intelligence community can’t resist mocking or questioning the authenticity of the image released.

And here came a comparison with blurred donut that’s sweet and tasty

The lord of the ring fans came up with the best response to the picture, and it’s worth checking out

It’s just been a few days since the USA declared the Iranian revolutionary guard a terrorist and blacklisted it. A particular country couldn’t resist boasting about its victory.

How the Black Hole Would React If It Were Real Person

The scientist responsible for making the algorithm that helped develop the first image is   MIT grad student named Katie Bouman. People have taken to Twitter and other social platforms thanking her for the great work. For she just became a hero

While talking to the media, the MIT grad student explained the importance and significance of the discovery made. She continued to tell how this image could help develop a  more profound understanding of how the death star works and operated.

Some people view the released image as nothing more than painting with darkened effect to hide other more notable problems

 People on this occasion reminded everyone of the hard work they had put in in order to make this day possible for them.

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