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Bomb Blast Rocks Kabul Capital City of Afghanistan Yet Again

Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan was shook by a bomb blast in Puli Muhammad khan neighborhood;the area  houses governmental and educational buildings.

The bomb blast occurred during the rush hour on mondayinjuring fifty school going children and adults respectively.


Motive Behind Kabul Bomb Blast

According to media report a group of gunmen entered the surrounding buildings and opened fire after the blast. The area was quickly cordoned  off by special Afghan forces with whom a fierce exchange of fire took place.

While talking to the media the Interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi told that the special force had managed to kill two insurgents in the ensuing battle. Two hundred and ten civilians had been rescued. Blast shook buildings in a 2 km radius.

According to opinions the blast was an attempt to derail the US-Taliban talks taking place in Doha Qatar.. The Taliban had repeatedly denied engaging in any negotiation with the government in Kabul until the US and other foreign military forces present In Afghanistan had issued a date of withdrawal.

Outrage in Afghanistan After Incident

People from all around the world are condemning the savage bomb blast in Kabul. For a long time the countries of the world are focusing on need to bring peace in Afghanistan which is associated with regional stability.

According to media reports the main target of the blast were military and governmental building in the area. Journalist working for Shamshad news network and members of the Afghan football federation had also been reportedly injured.

The attack has left many wondering how can someone be so cruel as to kill children.

The world really wants peace in Afghanistan. It wants to see things from it like an Afghani singer trending on social media for his looks and not the things like bomb blast in Kabul.

Conspiracies Surrounding the Kabul Blast

According to speculations and reports  roaming on social media and news outlets, the blast may have been meant to target the UK embassy which is just a few minutes away from the site. It’s quite possible that the attack was as act of retaliation against the UK security forces who arrested Afghan nationals who were arrested by Uk security forces for misbehaving during the Pak vs Afg match.

Well, it will be too insane to suggest that Pak Afghan cricket clash would have anything to do with the Kabul bomb blast and it can’t be true beyond a conspiracy theory which is a specialty of social media only.

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