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Zaira Wasim Faces Backlash for Preferring Religion Over Bollywood

Eighteen years old Zaira Wasim who rose to fame with Amir Khan starer Dangal announced that she was quitting Bollywood as it was affecting her iman (faith).

People have lost their mind after coming across this rather surprising news.

Some Notable Reactions to Zaira Wasim’s decision

Religion is a sacred thing for everyone, and they should have the freedom to follow it under any circumstances. All religions have certain do’s and don’ts to using them falsely to boost one‘s self as a religious personality is wrong.

One common argument in favor of Zaira Waseem is that it is her choice to make any decision that she thinks brings satisfaction to her. But, many people are simply not buying this argument as they think that her step is towards radicalization.

India is a multi-cultural society in which different religions come together to form a presumed harmony. Some of the most highly paid and famous celebrities of Bollywood are Muslims who have a massive fan following. If religion such as Islam is causing problems for her then why these stars don’t feel the same way. Well, drawing parallels with other muslim Bollywood stars was so obvious.

Zaira’s Decision Becoming A Butt of Jokes on Twitter

It was also inevitable for people to not use this incident to create some humor.

 It’s a well-known fact that sometimes people do some of the most outrageous things just to get there fifteen minutes of fame. In case of Zaira this doesn’t seem true because she is already a star at such a young age who has done two movies with Amir Khan, bollywood’s Mr. Perfect. Therefore, discrediting Secret Superstar actor’s life choice as a publicity stunt is just ignorance.

Zaira’s film Dangal is one of the highest grossing bollywood films ever.

An Exit Not with Dignity

90s super star Raveena Tendon thinks that Zaira was ungrateful for what Bollywood gave to her. Her exit from the industry with such regressive views was not dignified enough.

To some, her decision to leave the industry citing religious reasons is a clear depiction of how narrow-minded some religions are.

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