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Was India Vs. England World Cup Match Really Fixed?

Ever since India lost to England, the social media has exploded with people from both neutral and biased ends questioning whether the  Indian team really intended to win the match.  Pakistani Twitterati is now questioning whether India Vs England match is the classic example of match-fixing.

India Vs. England Started With a Bang But Ended With a Puff

 According to cricket experts, India did not play it like a  game. The match started with England winning the toss and choosing to bat first. Openers Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow kicked started for England.

The partnership between the openers lasted for 160 scores before coming to an end.  Jason Roy after playing 56 balls got caught out by Jadeja and sent back to the pavilion. Barstow continued to play and madea century.

England’s Outstanding Performance

From the beginning to the end, the English batters continued to give the Indians a hard time. England ended its smashing innings by making a whopping 337 off fifty overs. The same, however, cannot be said about the Indian batting order which very clearly showed no real intent to chase the score leaving onlookers and supporters baffled. The performance of Dhoni was highly disappointing.

After looking at the poor way in which the Indian team was playing Indian supports started leaving the stadium in sheer anger and disappointment.

It’s an understood thing that when you have ten overs or less, you need to pick up the game whenever you’re the chasing team. Ex-cricketer and teammate Sourav Ganguly while commenting on the matter stated that even he was failing to understand the strategy adopted by the MS Dhoni and Jadhav. Interestingly, India has 5 more wickets in hand till the last over, therefore it could afford to play more aggressively.

Match Fixing Allegation Regarding The India Vs. England Match

Pakistanis who were supporting the Indian team and wanted them to win felt this was a textbook example of match-fixing. They are demanding ICC take action against the Indian cricket team instead of looking the other way due to the BCCI mafia.

 To many Indian fans, this match was nothing more than a game in which India for some reason just performed badly. No match-fixing took place at all.

The Aggression of Pakistani Fans

India vs England match was very important for Pakistan team because if India won Pakistan was more likely to reach the finals. Given such a situation Pakistani fans are feeling that India deliberately lost to England just to let Pakistan down.

The match has marked a come up back of England in the world cup.

Interestingly some sane voices on Twitter are also concerned regarding India’s deliberate defeat at the hand of England.

Whether the purpose was to let down Pakistan or to bring England back in the world cup, there does seem something wrong with the India Vs. England match that raises the question of whether cricket is still the gentleman’s sports.

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