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Why the Burari Deaths Case is Becoming the Highlight on Netflix?

In 2018, an area, Burari in Delhi became a recognized place for India. The specialty was the mass suicide that was named The Burari Deaths. 11 people took their lives in their own house that turned out to be a shocking event for the entire country. A lot of deaths happen around the world but this was something out of ordinary due to the secrets tied with the spine-chilling event. There have been multiple opinions of police, psychologists, and other officials who worked on the case. Interestingly, the Indian director, Leena Yadav created a three-episode documentary series, the House of Secrets on the incident that seemingly covered the horrifying aspects of the case.

The Reason Behind Burari Deaths Shown in House of Secrets

The Burari deaths case wasn’t the only one with multiple demises but the cause behind the mass suicide is what makes it special  enough that Leena made an entire series on it. According to reports, all 11 members of the Bhatia family also known as the Chundawat family, took their lives. At first, the police thought it was a murder but surprisingly, there wasn’t a forced entry. Also, no evidence pointing to murder came up. Later, the CCTV footage revealed that the members of the family were already preparing for it before the day of the incident. They gathered stools, wires, tapes, and pieces of clothes in order to take their lives.

10 family members Bhuvnesh, Lalit, Savita, Tina, Pratibha Bhatia, Priyanka, Nitu, Monu, Dhruv, and Shivam hanged themselves from the vent’s ceiling. Their mouths were shut with pieces of clothes, hands and feet were tied with wires so that they couldn’t move, and they were all blindfolded. Narayani Devi, the eldest member was found dead on the floor by the bed. Her neck was strangled with a belt. According to reports, she was obese and aged thus, she couldn’t stand on the stool and hang herself. Reportedly, the reason was to gain salvation by a mass suicide attempt. The police investigation revealed that it was Lalit, the younger son of Narayani Devi who convinced his entire family to take the step. In fact, he tied them up and then himself too.

Shocking Findings During Police Investigations

Witnessing 11 suicides wasn’t the only disturbing thing for the people of India but the reasons and process behind the event became the most horrifying. As per reports, the Burari Deaths incident didn’t happen in just one day. it was a series of unfortunate events that began in 2006 when the Narayani’s husband and the authoritative figure of the family, Bhopal Singh passed away. After his demise, his youngest son Lalit was the one most traumatized. He couldn’t speak as well after the loss. However, he conveyed to his family that he was seeing his father in dreams and Singh tells him how to manage the house and lives of every member.

The police got to know about this through the 11 diaries they found in the house. Those diaries had instructions written by Lalit for his family but directed by Bhopal Singh. According to the writing, Lalit was also possessed by his father and could speak in his voice while talking to his family. Sooner, all 11 persons accepted the fact that Singh was actually speaking through him. The process continued for 11 years and in the last diary, the ritual of salvation was advised to perform in order to free all the 11 people from their sins. Also, the last page was filled with the instructions for performing the ritual and Lalit had written that his father would come and save his family. All in all, they were trying to wipe out their wrongdoings by hanging themselves but had no idea that it will lead them towards their final destination.  

Delusion Over Faith 

The Netflix documentary series, “The House of Secrets” portrayed the happenings and intentions of the deceased family openly. It didn’t reveal what really took place in those four walls of the house and what was the purpose behind figure 11. This was one of the most astonishing parts in the series that everything in the house including the terrace grills, windows, and even drainage pipes were 11 each. The pipes were horrifyingly shaped in the same manner as the bodies were hanging from the ceilings.

As per the psychologists, Lalit was delusional as he was facing hallucinations about his dead father’s visits. Besides, it wasn’t only Lalit who convinced all to commit suicide but they were traumatized after the death of Bhopal Singh that led them to believe Lalit.

This might be Leena Yadav’s finest project since it is a confusion between faith and delusion. In the series, a psychologist says that there is a thin line between the both. One never knows when he shifts towards delusion while blindly being faithful. This is probably the reason why the House of secrets is trending Netflix. Previously, it was the squid game series that went popular enough to make people learn about the Korean language, and now Burari Deaths is haunting people with the most disturbing incident of 2018. The genre says it’s supernatural but the facts lead to further confusion regarding the hidden truth about the end of the Chundawat family’s existence.

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