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What Is Coronavirus Vaccine Passport And Why You Need It?

A wide range of populations is already aware of ongoing trials of covid19 vaccines. However, there is one more thing to add to their knowledge. People might need to carry a Coronavirus vaccine passport to travel, gather, and indulge in public activities. Besides, today the public extremely rely on mobile applications to get their work done. Therefore presumably, some tech giants are moving towards innovation with the idea of covid19-vaccine passport. They are aspiring to merge technological advancements with the necessity of travel permits and Corona-vaccination. In other words, many tech companies are creating mobile applications to keep a record of vaccinated or cured people.

Why Is Coronavirus Vaccine Passport Necessary? 

The virus has infected a huge number of people around the world. Countries with low development in the medical field, are still trying to figure out ways to stop the spreading process. Keeping this notion as the key concern, many countries that are becoming successful in slowing down the virus’s spread rate, are taking severe precautions to keep it from causing damage. This is the supposed reason for passport regulation around the globe.

The significance of this concept can be comprehended through the current situation in the airline industry. Many carriers have been bound to keep the planes from touching the sky. The passport or digital proof of vaccination would allow the recovered or vaccinated people to travel freely. Moreover, it is quite tough to run spot tests on passengers who wish to travel through flights and local transportation. 

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has already taken steps towards advancements in terms of information regarding the vaccinated people. In other words, it gives a vaccination card to the recovered corona-patients. The card comprises info such as the type of vaccine and the date of medication. 


Numerous Pharmaceutical Corporations have presented the world with the tested vaccines. For instance, in November, the Bio and Tech and Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine was proven 90% effective against the deadly Covid19. However, several other pharma companies are becoming successful in producing more effective medicines today. Reportedly, a set of companies have combinedly presented the commonPass application. These companies include some tech giants, United Airlines, JetBlue, Cathay Pacific, Swiss Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, along with several health systems of US and Aruba Govt.

Presumably, the app is a medium of medical data storage that helps a user upload and keep records of the corona test, result, vaccination type, medical vicinity, doctors, and attendants. The application is believed to be a representation of evidence stating that a person is vaccinated and is allowed to travel. A QR code is the main aspect of this app as it provides the treatment information without revealing private and sensitive information of the user.

Those With No Access To Smartphones Or Internet

During the first wave of Coronavirus, different countries’ tech companies tried to create coronavirus apps to detect infected people. The app was a success in some states but, not all the people around the world were lucky enough to utilize this piece of technology. 

Similarly, the coronavirus passport is not to be just in a form of an app or a digital medium to track medical data about corona recovered patients through proper vaccination. As countless people don’t have smartphones or internet access, hence, there is the necessity for a Coronavirus vaccine passport card to present the digital credentials of people. 

It is likely that in 2021 many people would have either a digital health app or a passport to prove that a person is vaccinated. 

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