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Who is this Dead Man Found Alive after a Night in the Morgue?

Indian media reported that a dead man miraculously came back to life after a fatal accident. According to reports, a 45-year-old Srikesh Kumar was hit by a motorbike and brought to the private medical facility, where the doctors said that he passed away before arriving. Medical officials said that they found no signs of life so they transferred him to the morgue at a government hospital. He stayed in the freezer for 6 hours until he started breathing again.

Dead Man Comes to Life Before Autopsy

When the family and police officers arrived for autopsy, the dead man was found to be alive but in a coma. According to the private hospital staff, the patient had no heartbeat when they checked him around 3 AM. Dr. Shiv Singh examined the survivor several times. When his relatives came, they insisted he was alive and well, even after spending the entire night in the morgue freezer.

Initially, the family came to identify the body and sign autopsy papers. However, Kumar’s sister-in-law, Madhu Bala said that she saw movement in his body. She shared a video on social media in which she was amazed at how her brother-in-law managed to cheat death. She said that he was breathing and wanted to say something.

Why Was He Declared Dead?

The family of Kumar warned to file a complaint against the doctors of a private hospital for gross negligence. However, Dr. Singh argued that it was one of the rarest cases and one cannot call it negligence.

The investigations are underway regarding why and how the hospital mistakenly pronounced him a dead man.

Kumar is currently receiving treatment at a healthcare center in Meerut and his condition is improving. However, he is still unconscious according to the latest Indian reports.

Not an Isolated Incident

Such incidents can happen and have happened in the past as well. Earlier this year, another dead man raised moments before doctors were going to cut him open for the autopsy. He also met with a road accident while riding a motorbike. The investigation officials blamed the private hospital for bad judgment for removing the ventilator and declaring him dead.

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