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Reports Reveal Nearly 10 million Deleted Tiktok Videos in Pakistan by Platform

Presently on Thursday, Tiktok, a widely used video-making application revealed its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report in a press release. The report consisted of deleted Tiktok videos along with millions of accounts containing the violation of the guidelines of the platform. The app ran a sweeping program to remove all those accounts that were making and posting inappropriate videos. Also, one thing that turned out to be interesting as well as astonishing was that the sweep ranked Pakistan 2nd in the world with the most removed Tiktok accounts and videos. 

Press Release Shed Light on the number of Deleted Tiktok Videos 

Tiktok removed more than 81 million videos globally, according to the press release. As per the statement presented by Tiktok, the platform deleted 9,851,404 videos and made Pakistan the 2nd country with the most deleted Tiktok videos. The app claimed that these were the videos made by certain accounts which didn’t bother the community guidelines and violated most of them. Thus, in the second quarter of 2021, the removal of such posts was necessary. 

Specific Reasons to Delete the Videos 

An astonishing finding is that out of all the deleted Tiktok videos, 87.5% were the ones with no views on them. This might be shocking since the platform talked about the violation of the rules in terms of the inappropriateness of the content but seemingly, it shows that such videos were only useless for the application. Moreover, the findings also revealed that 73% of the content was indicating to bullying and harassment videos. The reports said that the deleted 72.9% of content was supporting the hateful speech and behavior. Tiktok justified the action that identification and removal of videos were done under the supervision of an investigation team that ruled out all the unethical, inappropriate, and useless videos from the platform. 

Tiktok Seems to be Cursed in Pakistan 

The odds of Tiktok progressing in Pakistan don’t look promising since the application has faced criticism in both scenarios i.e., either it gets banned or run the operations freely in the country. In earlier months of 2021, the fate of the app took several turns by being shunned as well as becoming more than active in letting the Tiktokers enjoy the platform. In March 2021, the high court ordered the Pakistan telecommunication authority to ban Tiktok in the country since it doesn’t comply with the ethnicity, morality, and religious values of the state as it kept on promoting vulgar and inappropriate content. Sooner, the news hit the screens saying “Pakistan lifts ban on Tiktok under some conditions” the decision also faced criticism. Thus, the Pakistanis are yet confused about the future of Tiktokers; favorite application after a huge number of deleted Tiktok videos has been revealed.

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