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What do These Red Flag Memes on Social Media Mean?

Social media has been going crazy with red flag memes that reflect several warning signs about others, judging from what they say or do. Besides commoners, celebrities and brands have also joined the viral trend. According to reports, there were more than 1.5 million tweets on 12 Oct that contained a statement followed by multiple red flag emojis.

This meme format is being used to share all kinds of red flags in politics, romance, art, culture, and work-life. A red flag itself is a sign of warning or to draw attention to issues that need resolution. It can also mean that a conversation or a relationship with other people must end as it is not producing healthy results. Moreover, it is used to highlight how someone who says something unfavorable might not be trustworthy.

In most cases, the meme is being used funnily but it also gives a hint about what turns people off.

Red Flag Memes on Relationships

While talking about problems or warning signs, human relationships are normally the first thing that comes to mind. While jumping into something as complex as a relationship, anything can be a red flag. There are many memes in which users have mentioned what would be their ultimate deal-breaker if they ever come close to falling into a relationship with someone. For example, if a man does something as problematic as asking for a woman’s picture, then it is a warning about his intentions. He could be a stalker or want to do unspeakable things with that picture. Similarly, if someone seems less interested in their partner or still talks to their ex-partners, then it can also be a β€˜no’ for the other.

Political Red Flags

Probably the most debatable kind of red flag memes is those that involve political commentary. They can be a bit personal which is why they also can be funniest of all at the same time. They include criticism on some problematic views of people that don’t sound progressive. With the help of the red flag trend, folks have bashed the prevalent social evils like patriarchy, racism, and capitalism and warned others to stay away from such people who support these things.

Red Flags in Arts, Music, TV, and Film

Fans of one art franchise are often seen getting in arguments with others in an attempt to prove that their choice is better. The most prominent example of this useless conflict can be seen between some DC Comics and Marvel Comics fans. They troll social media by bickering all the time regarding how one is better than the other. Some simply hate artists because of their ethnic background. For instance, the K-Pop boy band BTS, who is constantly receiving hate from some music fans and anti-Asian groups. Both kinds of viewers engage in debates that have no end, which may end up frustrating the other person. Therefore, red flag memes can help announce what can result in avoiding the person who talks unfavorably about someone’s favorite art piece.

Red Flags in Workplace

Normally when someone is looking for a job online, multiple companies appear to have copy-pasted the same Job Description which infuriates the job seeker. Almost all of them expect employees to work long hours, have flexible timings, and also work on weekends and holidays. These things give many wrong impressions which are why they are also ending up in red flag memes. It makes it clear that they would not such firm that exhibits similar behavior. Even brands have used this trend to claim how they are ethically different from their competitors and other businesses.

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