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Disney To Offer Star Wars VR Experience

Disneyland will soon embrace Star Wars. The Star Wars VR experience will come to the land of joy. Before you get carried away, you will get the Star Wars VR experience in two locations, Anaheim and Disney Springs.

Lucasfilm Perfecting the Star Wars VR Experience

Lucasfilm is fine-tuning the Star Wars VR experience with The Void a VR startup. The new Star Wars VR experience is named “Secrets of the Empire.” Guess what, you will only get to know the “Secrets of the Empire” at a select few locations. A new trailer gives a glimpse of the intriguing new franchise of Star Wars saga.

Dress as Storm Troopers to Find Imperial Intelligence

The new Star Wars VR experience brings you closer to the whole idea. You, with three others dressed as Storm Troopers, would have to go out and find “Imperial Intelligence.”

Big Walk Around Environment

The availability of physical space is critical to delivering real Star Wars VR experience. Therefore, The Void creates a big walk-around environment for the stormtroopers. The startup has intelligently mapped out the virtual reality environment around the real physical space.

Disney’s Massive Investment in Lucasfilm

Disney knows how to tap into its massive investments in startups. It has invested a massive $4 billion on Lucasfilm to cash into the technology surrounding the virtual reality. The Void became part of the Disney tech accelerator only this year. The Star Wars Land has a lot of work to do before you can have Star Wars VR experience. The Star Wars Land is all set to open its doors for visitors by 2019.

Disney to Offer Star Wars VR Experience

Disney is simultaneously working in different verticals to tap into the video content potential. Disney video streaming service is in plans to come out by 2019. Disney has acquired 33 percent stakes in BAM Tech to have the technology to provide its video streaming services like Netflix and other.

Star Wars Hotel and Personalized Storylines

Disney has also announced the new Immersive Star Wars Hotel. There are not many details available. However, whatever sketchy details are there, suggest the following.

  • The windows of the hotel rooms will only show the outer space or universe. So you would feel part of the Star Wars enterprise.
  • Disney wants to make the whole experience custom to each guest. Therefore, it will give a unique storyline to each of the guests visiting the Immersive Star Wars Hotel.
  • The employees of the Immersive Star Wars Hotel will each be dressed as one of the characters from the famous franchise.
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