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Apple LG Working Together to Launch Flexible OLEDs

There is an interminable wait for the first OLED display iPhone X to come out. New rumors are suggesting the future iPhone to have flexible OLEDs to support foldable Apple display. We know how obsessed Apple is about the display eye candy.

LG Innotek to Work on Flexible OLEDs

LG understands the kind of monopoly that Samsung enjoys in OLEDs. Therefore, the company has already taken up the task to improve its manufacturing facility for the same. As reported earlier by many media outlets, LG is well on its way to becoming the OLED displays supplier to Apple. The reports also point to a massive investment of $7 billion by LG to compete in the flexible screen space. Therefore, the rumor of flexible iPhone 9 display may become true.

Apple currently gets its flexible screens from Samsung. Industry experts point to the fact that Apple will use OLED flexible display. Other reports are suggesting iPhone LCD screen to return for its new flagship product.

Arrival of the Flexible OLED iPhones

There are suggestions out in the market that the new iPhones featuring OLED panels would come out by early next year. Since Samsung is the only supplier of these screens; there are no set timelines given by LG. It may sound to be a good thing that Apple has a second supplier. It may take LG to provide iPhone OLEDs not earlier than 2021.

Difference Between Flexible OLEDs and Bendable OLEDs

It seems that iPhone’s OLED supply chain issues are not getting solved anytime soon. There is a difference between flexible and bendable OLEDs. The foldable ones will fold, but the bendable support pressure sensitivity without the ability to fold.

Apple LG Working Together to Launch Flexible OLEDs

Flexible Japan LCD Display Option

Since we already know Apple’s struggles with the display, it may consider using the next generation flexible LCDs from Japan Display. New reports suggest that the company is looking at the flexible Japan Display LCD panels for future models of the flagship iPhone smartphones.

The new Japan Display LCD panels use plastic and LCD instead of using LCD and glass. Therefore, the use of plastic will hopefully give the desired result of foldable screens.

Flexible OLEDs and the Internal Components

Besides the ability to fold, Apple needs to work on the internal components too. The flexibility of the internal components will enable the company to make foldable screens. To achieve this kind of flexibility, it will have to somehow find alternatives to the rigid hardware components inside the current iPhones.

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