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iPhone 8 Leaks Reveal Supply Chain Issues

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 may be a drastic step in a different direction for the company as well as the fans. The new iPhone 8 is poised to look different. But, the rumors of an eye watering price may surprise many. The new phone is expected to cost more than the previous iPhone models.

Price and Expected Date of Release for the iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8’s launch is near. The flagship smartphone by Apple will be rumored to come out on September 12th, 2017. Many sources including the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones confirm the date. The reports also suggest that Apple will launch the phone on the company’s new Campus-I. However, there are no confirmations as reports indicate that the Campus I is still under construction.

Problems Delaying iPhone 8 Production

Apple loves to take new challenges and set a benchmark for others to follow. The phone, as reports suggest, will only be available in limited numbers at the launch date. The switch to the OLED display creates supply chain difficulties for the company.

A dramatic change in design has put additional difficulties for the company to surmount. A limited supply of the new iPhone 8 could create problems with millions of fans waiting for the launch. To the relief of the fans the inside sources claim that Apple will also launch the cheaper versions of the phone including iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Apple's iPhone 8 An Expensive Gamble for the CompanyThere are also rumors that iPhone 8 will no longer be available in the brilliant rose gold color. A big disappointment for the fans who love the typical golden iPhone color. There are also suggestions that iPhone 8 may be available in three colors including jet black, silver, and black colors.

The High Price Tag and Production Difficulties

The smartphone industry experts believe that Apple is trying to balance the supply of the phone with its demand. Since it has its own set of output and supply chain challenges, it cannot offer large quantities of iPhone 8. So what is the solution for Apple?

Well, apparently, the company is aiming to set the price of iPhone-8 above $1000. The objective is to keep a tab on demand for the product giving Apple the time to replenish inventories. It is due to this reason that Apple is launching the other two phones to provide more options to the end users.

Here is a look at the features the new iPhone 8 will have.

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