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Ducky Bhai Marriage is Giving Hope to Singles

Pakistani YouTuber Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, announced that he had tied the knot. In a social media post, Ducky wrote that he had an engagement plus nikah ceremony with the “love of his life”, Arooba Jatoi. He also shared a picture where both were dolled up in front of a flowery backdrop. Fans excited for Ducky Bhai marriage wasted no time welcoming their “Ducky Bhabhi” in the comments and sent best wishes for the happy life ahead.

Social Media Reacts to Ducky Bhai Marriage

The news of the Ducky Bhai marriage might have come off as a shock to most social media users. Many thought Ducky to be one of those guys who would never receive a woman’s affection due to their dumb and childish activities. However, they were wrong, as Ducky Bhai was only a character created by Saad to grow his YouTube business.

Some found a perfect opportunity to troll other single guys for being bigger losers than Ducky. They said they should be ashamed for being single now that even Ducky got married.

Some joked that there could still be hope for singles if a guy like Ducky got married.

There are also several memes on occasion. Here’s one showing how a single dude might have wished Ducky Bhai while keeping his pain hidden.

Other Popular YouTubers at the Event

Many other famous YouTubers received an invite to the Ducky Bhai marriage. These include Zaid Ali T, Ukhano, Raheem Pardesi, Shahveer Jaffry, etc. They came along with their wives to initiate their friend into the club of married men. Zaid Ali went as far as consoling him on stage.

The Announcement on YouTube Video

Some already knew about Ducky Bhai marriage because the YouTuber posted a video before the event. He revealed in the video that there would be an engagement and Nikah ceremony.

Ducky Bhai has over 3 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and 1 million subscribers on his gaming channel named Ducky Extra. He often finds himself in controversy, such as arguing with a woman on Twitter who tied Pakistan’s flag on her dog’s neck. He also got involved in the Shaam Idrees and Froggy Drama back in 2018 and schooled the couple for being Kardashians 2.0.

There’s not much known about his wife, Arooba Jatoi, except that she is also a YouTuber and social media celebrity. She is known for her make-up skills and beautiful looks. Arooba has left most of her life and career private but expressed plans to upload creative videos on her YouTube channel soon.

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