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Dune Box Office Collection Shoots after Global Release

Dune has topped the weekend Box Office chart as the film opened in new markets across the world. Previously it was sitting at 8th spot since it premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on 3rd September 2021. Now after 6 weekends and release in 75 new countries, the Dune box office result is 220.7 million USD. Some of the key markets have been North America, the UK, China, and South Korea.

Does Dune Box Office Performance Call for a Sequel?

According to the reports, the film grossed an estimated 40.1 million USD after its North America debut and made another 180.6 million USD internationally.

France was its best market over the 6 weekends with 27.4 million USD but China’s weekend opening was monumental for it. It directly earned a second-place behind the long-standing The Battle At Lake Changjin on its debut and made 22.2 million USD.

The second strongest reason for the Dune box office success was the UK, where it beat James Bond: No Time to Die to earn the top spot with 7.5 million USD. In South Korea, it was able to make 3.4 million USD this weekend but failed to knock off the leading title, Venom: Let there Be Carnage.

What is the Film All About?

Dune (2021) is based on the classic sci-fi novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. The film adaptation is made by Denis Villeneuve with a star-studded cast including Timothee Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Charlotte Rampling, and more.

The story follows Paul Atreides (Chalamet), from the House Atreides, which has been engaged in a deep political conflict with villainous House Harkonnens. Power-hungry factions fight for authority over the desert planet Arrakis also known as the dune without caring much about its local inhabitants. An incredibly valuable resource called “spice”, which is vital for all intergalactic travel and business is also the key reason for political conflict. Paul is someone struggling between pursuing his individual desires and succumbing to the pressure of becoming an aristocrat like his family. He however finds a third way that could lead him to eventually become the Messiah that saves the planet and its indigenous.

The film ends on an ambiguous note, leaving room for a potential sequel. The director has also presented this film as “Dune: Part One”, hinting that there could be Dune: Part Two in the future.

Public Reaction

It seemed that the audience was quite happy with the film but something did bother them. Apparently, the film focused too much on the main character that the audience did not get a chance to properly meet the other ones. Some said that why so huge stars were cast if they were given less screen time. The fans of Zendaya were equally upset as they only got to see her for a few minutes. She first appears in the visions of the main character and then meets him later around the closing moments of the film.

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