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Spiderman No Way Home Trailer Reveals the least Expected Villains

Marvel cinematic universe is not coming slow with the plots of its new movies. The latest yet upcoming movie, Spiderman No Way Home is all set to drive fans crazy in December 2021. The recently released first trailer revealed unexpected events and characters including the Villains and Heroes. Moreover, the movie isn’t starting with the glorification of the protagonist but with chaotic circumstances in the main character’s life.

Spiderman No Way Home Begins with The Far From Home’s Ending 

According to the trailer, Spiderman No Way Home is continuing the plot of its previous 2019 film, Spiderman Far From Home. Previously, the supervillain Mysterio revealed spiderman’s identity to the world by showing people a fake video of Parker. He claimed that Peter Parker was the mastermind behind the destruction and his murder. Now, the people who used to admire the good member of the Avengers are wondering how he went rogue. The legal forces are questioning him for the crimes he didn’t commit. Peter Parker is facing crucial setbacks for beating a corrupt antagonist in the last film. The title of the film justifies the concept since he is now officially exposed and the world knows who spiderman really is. Thus, he can’t go back to his old life. Not just that, his school life seems much harder as all the students who knew him as a nerd now realize that he might a threat to the city as well as its citizens. 

Dr. Strange Comes to Save the Savior

The best part of the upcoming movie, Spiderman No Way Home is that Dr strange is coming to help the hero. The trailer shows that Peter is seeking Strange’s assistance in order to make people forget about his identity. In doing so, the existence of the multiverse also comes in handy as the protagonist seemingly visits another universe and meets the guest characters. 

Despite that, the scene from the trailer where Dr is asked by his companion not to cast the spell because it’s dangerous went viral on social media. Some even made memes on it. They expressed through the posts how they liked and disliked the appearance of Dr. Strange in the film. Some claim that it was unnecessary whereas many are excited to see what sort of entertainment he brings in the film.    

The Iconic Villains

Since the trailer has revealed so much already, one particular part might become cause nostalgia among the fans. The certain information is that some of the villains from the previous spiderman movies are making an appearance. The trailer of Spiderman No Way Home disclosed a very famous character who was also the antagonist of Spiderman 2, Dr. Otto Octavius. The preview revealed only one scene where he is interacting with Tom Holland. 

Other than that, one of the weapons of the Green Goblin from spiderman 3 is also shown in the promo, which might mean that the hero will probably face the previous bad guys. However, the arrival of Electro is still unknown and fans are wondering if they will be seeing all of the past antiheroes.  

The Unreleased Movie’s Success is Off the Charts

On Monday, Sony Entertainment Pictures revealed the first preview of their new Marvel project, i.e., the Spiderman No Way Home. The movie might go through multiple trials to analyze the fan following and excitement of MCU enthusiasts but the very first idea of the film seems to excite millions of people already. In only a few hours after the Spiderman trailer was released, it gained more than 33 million views. 

Previously, the spiderman 3 actors trolled fans regarding the movie’s title. The confusion itself became the cause of the popularity of the imminent film. The fans started making guesses whether which star was right about the title until the female lead Zendaya AKA MJ in the film ended the curiosity by revealing the current one. After that, fans started presenting their title renditions to troll back the stars. Even that became a gift for the cast of Spiderman 3.

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